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  1. Not sure why Royal has set it up this way. It's very easy to view and price flights on Celebrity's website.
  2. I tend to agree with you. In the short term, however, these are things to consider as possible impediments.
  3. @JeffB You are using Florida cases as your guide on the Delta but i know here in Illinois the number of Delta cases was doubling every 10 days. Also there are increasing rates of Delta in certain parts of Missouri, and other parts of the country, where the vaccination rate is low. As cruisers come from all over this is at least a consideration. I'm not saying it will have a negative impact, just that it has potential.
  4. I do think that US cruises will be successful to the point that the public finds the number of cases that will undoubtedly occur to be of a sufficiently low level as to allow the continuation and expansion of cruising. That said I do not think the industry would have been nearly as successful had they started back in September 2020. The whole US surge that occurred late fall early winter could have been disastrous to the industry. IMO the overwhelming thing that has everything pointing in the right direction is not the policies and protocols, although they are important, but the vaccine. Vaccinations work and are driving levels of cases down dramatically in places that have embraced it. IMO cruising could have, and should have, been possible earlier than it has started but possibly only by a few months. Just my humble opinion.
  5. This would be my concern also. This time it was only 2 under 16 on a reduced capacity cruise with every adult vaxxed. So what may (stressing may) possibly occur when the pax count increases, Florida sailings have unvaxxed adults in addition to the unvaxxed children and we have a surge in the delta cases among the unvaccinated (and possibly more breakthrough cases)? Just a question, not a prediction.
  6. Celebrity has been upfront with the fact that they are sailing from Florida with 95%+ vaccinated. Regardless of how they choose to manage that, anyone that is not vaccinated and thinking about booking a Celebrity cruise should know things may not turn out in their favor. Of course, sometimes they never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  7. Which part is not correct? They are definitely contacting people and asking if they would like to say they are vaccinated and willing to prove it. As far as denied boarding there is a lot of speculation only because, under the CSO, they have to sail with a 95% or greater vax rate.
  8. Based on my feelings from what I've read here and on the CC Celebrity boards there seems to be a higher level of preference for 95% vaccinated pax among the =X= crowd. Certainly with the older demographic this makes sense.
  9. I think this has been out for a while. There was a little discussion on the CC Celebrity board about how they would maintain the 95% requirement which is still in place until July 18th. Would people be denied boarding if they exceeded the threshold? I believe that Celebrity was asking people if they would be willing to provide proof of vaccination. Maybe they have already got the information and run the numbers and are good.
  10. Celebrity is approved to sail under conditional sailings, they are not doing any test sailings so they must comply with the 95% condition or get test sailings approved. With the Edge and Equinox all set and approved to sail I don't see them changing things. It will be interesting how they plan to comply with the 95% condition.
  11. Pretty much expected and unsurprising. The only difference is X will, and has too, comply with the 95% vaxxed requirement (in the US) because they are all conditional sailings. I am sailing on the Summit in Sept and the Apex in January so we'll see how much things change by then.
  12. Except they plan on, and must, adhere to the 95% vaccinated guideline. Not sure how they are going to handle that yet if greater than 5% of the pax are unvaxxed or choose not to provide proof. I will be watching as I am sailing X in early September.
  13. And by December the landscape will have changed again. I expect changes every month or two as more ships sail and we see the results.
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