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  1. The decision to require vaccination or kids 5-11 won't be made by Royal Caribbean but by the countries/ports they visit.
  2. I've warn my rash guard without a problem but I went real slow... now I just take it off before getting on the slide and hold it or put it my pocket.
  3. On Allure the gym was for vaccinated only certain times and everyone others... so if you went during the "everyone" time you had to mask up.
  4. Sure, I'll share: Oasis 2022 (Thanksgiving) - $688
  5. I normally would have agreed with you but my upcoming Thanksgiving cruise on Oasis has gone down almost $700 since I booked earlier this year so I took advantage of the price guarantee. Of course Thanksgiving may not be as popular as New Year's but a price drop (technically 2) were unexpected. Bottom line It doesn't hurt to keep an eye on prices that's for sure.
  6. I've rented a car one way each time from the rental place that is right near the port (walking distance to port or you can use their shuttle). It's only slightly more expensive than Lyft/Uber but you get the convenience of being able to drop off the rest of your party with the luggage at the port and then return the car. Plus you can go shopping before you board for wine or other beverages.
  7. Or if you are a conspiracy theorist regarding vaccines... "if you don't get the chip stay off our ship"
  8. It's highly likely that the vaccines will be approved for younger kids soon either through a EUA or full approval (early fall was estimate for 5-11 yr olds I think). Once that happens if you wish to get your son vaccinated you should have plenty of time to complete the vaccination by the time your cruise sails over Christmas.
  9. Check airport testing sites... I know MCO is only $65/test for rapid antigen
  10. I have two cruises scheduled for this year... Aug 15 and Nov 21 out of Port Canaveral and Miami respectively. Flying in I plan to get tested at the airport's testing facility They seem convenient, take appointments, and are cheaper than the drug stores non-airport based testing sites (assuming you have to pay for travel related travel). When I purchased my cruises I assumed vaccinations would be required, pre-boarding testing, mid-cruise testing, and end of cruise testing would be part of the protocols. So one test is not a big deal to be able to cruise in a safer environment than any public spot in the US (or world).
  11. From the RC site... For Cruises Departing from Florida For guests on cruises departing from Florida homeports from August 1 through December 31, 2021, the following requirements apply. PRE-CRUISE TESTING REQUIREMENT PRE-CRUISE TEST FOR ALL GUESTS ON SAILINGS 5 NIGHTS OR LONGER All guests age 2 and older — regardless of vaccination status — will need to take a COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) with an accredited test provider, such as a drugstore chain or diagnostic lab, no more than 3 days before arriving at the terminal for embarkation. Guests will need to show their negative test result upon arriving at the terminal. The results can be printed out, or can be presented on your phone, such as the email result from your test provider. Costs associated with this test are the guests' responsibility. PRE-CRUISE TEST FOR ALL GUESTS ON SAILINGS 4 NIGHTS OR LESS All guests age 2 and older will need to take the pre-cruise test as outlined above. However, on these shorter sailings, guests who are fully vaccinated may choose to provide proof of vaccination in order to be exempt from this test.
  12. There is rapid antigen testing available at MCO Airport outside security in Terminal A. $65pp I believe.
  13. Stupid question... if I am sailing on a Sunday does the 3-day testing window start on Thursday or Friday?
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