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  1. New to cruising. Does the Royal Up feature apply to suite class too. I.e. we are booked in an Owners Suite for Oasis (Sky Class I believe). Would we be eligible and what is up from that, lowest Star Class Suite I suppose? Frankly, really like the layout of the Owners suite.
  2. Never cruised before. So for US cruises out of Miami, for RCL, do you need to simply upload the CDC Vaccination card to your pre-boarding documents or will they also need to check it at the boarding terminal.
  3. Can you not bring a corkscrew on board with you in your luggage?
  4. Quick question. Is there an attendant to the Suite deck or do you just place your sea pass card to gain entrance.
  5. Prob right, my cruise is Western Carib anyway. Cozumel, Roatan and only Carib fest is Perfect Day so maybe easier. Just the idea of having my ten year old tested multiple times.
  6. If they don’t clean up their act pronto on this testing nonsense, I’m just gonna cancel for March and eat the deposit, let someone else deal with the headache,
  7. Read that the two positives have to quarantine on the ship for two weeks. Two thoughts: hope they booked a suite. And yes, please!
  8. Is the Muster Station open 24/7? Seems could be a good spot to pass out.
  9. Any intel on Courtyard Downtown/Brickell?
  10. Booked our virgin cruise on Oasis for next March. I feel like I’m 16 all over again,
  11. What proof of vaccination are they requiring, the CDC Vaccination Record Card?
  12. No frame of reference on my end but won’t this cause a backup of epic proportions at the boarding terminal.
  13. Cool. Can I stay there forever?
  14. Thought it’s leased from the Bahamas, no? If there’s Bahamian nationals living on the island that work for RCL, would think Bahamas may have input based on that.
  15. ETA: they will get the Voom package too! Forgot to add that. And I just watched that video! Great stuff!
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