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Goodbye Grandeur

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Just now, SteveinSC said:

This is exactly what I referenced in my post in the general discussion area about smaller ships. Older, smaller ships being sent off to subsidies. Wonder what ship will replace it in Baltimore? 

According to the post in our Insiders group, it said Enchantment.

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2 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

The fact that they had cruises scheduled that now have to be considered, and the problems the ship had last month with the propulsion, lead me to wonder if the change is a result of the problems? Perhaps a sign that "its time"? Interesting. 

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7 minutes ago, coneyraven said:

I am absolutely crushed ......

I am too.  Lady G held a special place in my heart, first cruise with my husband who is now terminally ill.  The staff and crew were the absolute best.  Both cruises provided us though with fabulous lifetime memories.

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5 minutes ago, SPS said:

Saw this news on twitter and you were the first person I thought of. My sincerest condolences.


Thank You ..... there's no denying my love for the old girl........We had just moved a booking FROM her to Mariner due to a family conflict.  By the looks of this, it would've been canceled regardless (April 15th of '21).

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3 minutes ago, FManke said:

You're looking at it the right way. It's better to just make a clean brake and move forward. There's another good one out there in your future.

You figure, they're not going to dump a lot of money into her since the end of her time has been announced

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