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114% capacity on Allure last week

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The specialty dining reservations guy on the promenade had a printout that included the number of guests and kids that week. I took a photo of it while he was making our reservation so I could remember the capacity. The form looked like something they probably give out to all of senior crew each week with other instructions on it (formal nights, theme nights, docking times, etc).

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15 hours ago, Freybey said:

yes, inquiring minds would like to know!

No website, you can ask guest services, or when you go to the C&A event, they will give guest count. Even before shutdown, the only way to know number of pax was when you were aboard a sailing. 

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On 7/26/2022 at 9:35 AM, smokeybandit said:

Ships have a double occupancy capacity (every cabin is booked with only 2 people ) and a total capacity (every bed in every room is occupied)

The capacity reports coming out of these cruises are all based on double occupancy.


So if a ship has 100 rooms, double occupancy is 200. Say you sell only 90 rooms, but 20 rooms have a family of four in them, that's 220 people, so you're over 100% occupancy.

Actually capacity is limited by the number of spots on the escape craft (both motorized and inflatables).   So cabin capacity can actually be on the high side, but with excess escape capacity.

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