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An Amplified Agglomeration of Oasis Pictures - Post Amplification


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Rather doing yet another trip blog since there have been a couple of really good ones already, I'm just going to do a photo dump in this thread to showcase the newly amplified Oasis of the Seas.

I've got a couple of weeks of photo ops to gather my collection of pictures so over the next little while I'll update this post with different areas around the ship.  I may bounce around a little but that's just the drink package effect.

Without further delay, here is the new Oasis of the Seas fresh off a $165M makeover.


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Let's start with boarding.  The Crown of Miami or Terminal A is itself worthy of some pictures.

I've been fortunate to experience the suite lounge in the Crown of Miami.




Free wifi:


Some food and beverages are available.


The egg sandwich was just about perfect since I had skipped the hotel's $26 buffet breakfast.


The biggest "problem" is that the ship begins to board so quickly that you don't tend to have a lot of time to experience the new terminal.

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Boarding leads you into the beautiful and spacious promenade.  They had preloaded the promenade for the midnight balloon drop.


During this cruise they started decorating the promenade for Christmas.




Oasis was upgraded to RFID SeaPass cards but they have a special punch at guest services for those that want to use a lanyard.


Muster stations:



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One thing to get out of the way.  The general decor of Oasis was not updated in all places.  Hallways, elevator lobbies, many cabins were not changed to use the newer decor that Harmony and Symphony have.  




 I can understand why.  The decor goes beyond carpet.  Floor tile, wall panels, the color of doors, the wood panels and marble elements would all need to be changed to adopt and match the Harmony and Symphony decor.  That would be a massive change that would take a lot of effort and expense. 

My cabin was not updated.  However that's okay with me.  There's nothing wrong with my cabin and replacing the cabinets, wall panels, carpet and curtains would be a huge undertaking for what purpose?  My cabin is fine.   

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The outdoor forward solarium deck is a first in the fleet.  You won't find this on any other ship, yet.











This area is closed until 9':30am.  It's right above the new cabins on deck 14.  I think they are trying to let people sleep in to avoid the chair scraping noises as guests inevitably rearrange loungers to suit their needs.


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43 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Love all the pics!!  Thanks for posting @twangster!  While not a fan of the outdated decor in some places, I cannot wait for the 99 days to pass!

Got to disagree with you there, I'm thrilled that they've kept the original decor. Nicer, brighter colours. HM & SY feel a bit too dark for me with their decors.

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Thank you for the pictures!  I cannot wait until early March!  On Harmony, I spent a lot of time on the suites sun deck, but since the bar there is now a smoking area (what WERE they thinking-or smoking?to make that area smoking), I will probably spent more time in the solarium.  It is beautiful.

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