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The Sphere in Icon of the Seas!! ...and Go...!

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It looks to me like a miniature version of MSG Sphere Las Vegas.

I'm pretty sure it's a new theater/venue. It's air conditioned and it's insulated, so it designed for comfort. Interesting that sits on the lower decks meaning it will be heavy which also means that it will house even more stuff, my guess, lighting LED screens, sound system and rigging structures.

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Okay Okay Okay - I've got it, this is a for sure, I've figured it out:

If you have ever cruised Royal Caribbean Star Class, you know that the Royal Genie seems to know where you are at all times, he/she just randomly shows up wherever you are. Knows what you had to drink and what you had to eat.  But, it's not perfect, yet!

So, what you see being installed, and I'm getting this information straight from the NSA and Royal Caribbean IT, is the Bilateral Invasive Mentalargonomically Radar Penetrating Microwave Pulsator.  This will allow the Genies to, with 99% accuracy, know where you are intending of going, drink and eat.  Of course there will always be those that have no clue what they are thinking about, the 1%, and nothing can be predicted or made whole with them, you know, those that go to a cashier, have everything tabulated, told the amount owed and then fumble around looking in the purse/wallet for their cash/credit card or required terminal documents.  AND those who don't go to the Muster Station prior to Sail Away Time, of which we had 233 people that were clueless and held up departure by over an hour and a half.  EDITED IN:  This was on the Ovation of the Seas, May 13th Sailing from Seattle.

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One of the "Making an Icon" video showed a brief section of this, inside the sphere are small (like 5"x5") LED panels on articulating arms. They are throughout the entire inside face of the sphere. I don't think it's a sit-down show, but a really neat effect as you transit through the space.


See here: (timestamp 2:32)


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Just watched the unveiling of the Ion in the Amber Theater on Harmony.  They showed 3 episodes of the “Making of the Ion” and unless I missed it, the never said what the sphere is.  However, the dis show an animation which showed a large sphere as the grand staircase on the promenade.   Not sure if that is what we have all seen in the Ion snapshots??????

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