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  1. We are on our second half of our first B2B on the 30 January cruise. I am currently online searching for info on what happens during the "re-boarding" process ???
  2. Not sure when you might be going, but the Crab Boat Tour on the Aleutian Ballad is one of our absolute favorite excursions anywhere. The ship was on Deadliest Catch and was later converted to an educational tour boat. They take you to a nearby bay and feed eagles with frozen fish, so you can take pictures and then show you pre-caught live fish and sea life. Everything is catch and released and eco friendly. The Aleutian Ballad is docked right next to the cruise ship wharf. If you have a choice, don't do like I did and leave your good camera on the cruise ship and take a "point and shoot" camera. The point and shoot does not have a fast enough mechanism to catch the eagles grabbing the fish. I got lots of blurry eagle pictures and pictures of eagle butts.
  3. I like watches and Invicta watches have a "Love - Hate" following. Bought my first Invicta watch on a cruise and upon getting home, found it on Amazon 33% cheaper. I have found that they keep good time, however. Bought second Invicta from Amazon and it lasted a little over a year before one of the hands fell off. Just bought my third from Amazon for $52 on sale. It too keeps good time (Better than my $2000 Tag Huer or my $600 Citizen). I expect it will last a bout a year, but for $52 I can't complain.
  4. I have a related question. We will take our first cruise as Diamond in January and as I understand it, the 4 drink vouchers are loaded on your cruise card. My question is, "If you also purchase a non-alcoholic beverage package, can a soda purchase, bottled water, or a specialty coffee be charged against the beverage package versus the 4 drink voucher?
  5. Not trying to be a 'Debbie Downer" but a friend, with whom we have cruised, posted how relieved they were when they tested negative before returning to the USA. He implied that if testing positive, one would have to quarantine in a foreign country. Also having read about the two teenagers who tested positive and their family leaving the ship in a Caribbean port, my question is, "What happens if one tests positive during the end of cruise covid testing?" I know that the ship places positive guests in isolation, but are they allowed to stay on board until the ship returns to the USA?
  6. Apparently not, because we re-booked our cruises before RCCL made their "incremental" decisions on the specific cruises. I don't recall all of the details, just paid the money and did what seemed best at the time. ( Our cautiousness was probably the result of our having seen three or four deceased persons taken from a ship docked next to us in Cozumel on 30 Jan 2020. Made us pretty leery when the first cruise ship was quarantined three weeks later. Hopefully, those times are in the past! )
  7. We are Shelby & Bob and just added the 1-23 cruise to our existing 1-30 booking, so we will be on our first B2B and first Diamond cruise. We had to change two previously booked cruises, and feel like we paid a bundle in change fees. Our last cruise was to these same ports two weeks before covid shut everything down. Can't wait to get back on-board.
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