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  1. We were set to sail on the Empress on June 23, and planned to do "Support for the Cuban People" in both Cienfuegos/Trinidad and Havana. From my interpretation, private car tours and private city walking tours qualified for "Support..." rather than RC's official excursions, which fall under "Group People to People." This may all be a moot point if RC does indeed stop all cruises to Cuba.
  2. Still, it's just a CNN correspondent's Twitter feed. I'd like to see some more concrete, definitive proof.
  3. Sailing on 6/23 on Empress. I've seen a lot of references to the elimination of "people to people contact" which would include RC-sponsored excursions. On the OFAC form, we intended to check "Support for the Cuban People"(31 C.F.R. sect. 515.574), and keep a full-time itinerary of at least 6 hours of activity (including car tour, walking tour) with a Cuban independent guide. What gives with that? Is "Support for the Cuban People" still a thing?
  4. I'm supposed to sail in about 19 days on the 23rd on Empress. We planned on checking the "Support for the Cuban People" box on the OFAC form, and doing a private tour to Trinidad, and a half-day car tour in Havana, with a self-guided walking tour of Havana for the other half of the day. Are the changes only affecting "Group People to People" Royal Caribbean sponsored tours?
  5. Well, crap! We are booked on Empress of the Seas for June 23, 2019! What does this mean?!
  6. Geocaching is fun in port! If, for no other reason, it's a great way to add another country/location to your Geocaching statistics. We were able to add Haiti, Curacao, Aruba, Puerto Rico (I know...it's not a country...), USVI, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Mexico to our list. The cache in Curacao (GC2M1VJ - "Curacao's Swinging Old Lady") was our farthest find south, AND the farthest find from home!
  7. We wanted to rent a car on Cozumel to drive around for the day and see some of the off-the-beaten-path sites, like the Mayan ruins and the north shore beaches. After a taxi ride to town, then a walk through town to the "rentadora", at the desk I realized that I didn't bring my driver's license or auto insurance card with me. It was back in the cabin safe! (I had my seapass and passport...why would I need a driver's license?!?) Luckily, the woman rented us the car with the promise that we'd drive STRAIGHT to the cruise terminal and get the license. I guess the Cozumel police can occasional
  8. We are really looking forward to this cruise to Cuba and Grand Cayman! We are a family of 4: 2 adults, 2 kids (son 14 and daughter 9). We definitely love "traveling off the beaten path" and are always up for an adventure! Who else is booked for this trip?
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