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  1. We are scheduled for a Baltic cruise on Voyager of the Seas leaving Stockholm on July 3. Unfortunately, SAS airlines has announced that they may be on strike a couple days before. If, for some reason they do strike, and we can't get on any flights, obviously we won't be able to cruise on this sailing. Because it is "30 days or less" within the cancellation period with RC, we will be charged 100% of total price (no refund) for the missed trip. So, here's my question: can we transfer/reschedule our trip to a different sailing? Does RC give credit for something like this? Or are we S.O.L?
  2. Quite possibly. I have been bouncing around between forums a lot lately. Looking back, I was thinking of a CC roll call forum discussion. Someone with the screenname "ch__". Is that you?
  3. Helsinki is pretty easy to do on your own. Check out the roll-call for Voyager’s July 3 cruise - someone on there posted a TON of walking tour info.
  4. This is fantastic news. I’ll be looking for something more formal in the coming days/weeks, though.
  5. I've been following cruisetracker and Voyager's current position in Riga, Latvia. Voyager is having its first entry of the season in Riga right now, and unfortunately is not at the port near Old Town Riga, but at the KS terminal - a 12km drive from Riga. I'm not sure if Royal is offering shuttles to Riga, or any other options. This is really unfortunate news for anyone on the cruises that overnight in Riga, as this will prove to be difficult to get to/from the ship. Everything I’ve been reading said that RC (at least the Voyager of the Seas) docks at Riga Passenger Terminal, "...a short walk to Old Town.” Voyager is scheduled to be in Riga now, on June 23, June 30, July 7-8 (the trip I'm on), and July 19-20.
  6. According to cruisemapper.com, Voyager of the Sea is in Riga for its entry this season. Unfortunately, it is not at the port in the center but at the KS terminal, about a 12km drive from Riga. From another forum: Voyager, being one of the, if not the largest cruise ship to visit Riga, is a tad too big to dock at the berth near the old town. The planned Riga RoPax cruise terminal near town will not be ready until 2025. Voyager is in Riga today, June 23, & June 30, so perhaps someone on these cruises will be able to post the transportation options. This is really inconvenient, since we have an overnight there.
  7. If they keep getting bigger: Ridiculousness of the Seas Absurdity of the Seas Outlandishness of the Seas
  8. I need to apologize. I didn't realize there is a whole Flowrider subculture within the cruise subculture. It's interesting seeing "how" people cruise - for some, the ship is the vacation, for others the ship is the, ahem, vessel to get them to exotic destinations. And for others, it's a specific event or activity that gets them on board. Whatever floats your boat (groan), it's great that we all love the "cruise life!"
  9. Bummer! I liked punching a hole and using a lanyard. It was still easy to swipe it without taking it out of a holder or sleeve.
  10. It’s all a matter of preference. If you’re boarding in, say, Florida, and you’ve already been there, then it makes sense to get on the boat as early as possible to start cruising right away. If you are taking a European cruise, you may spend a couple of days exploring a city before you get on the ship. Then you may want to board later.
  11. You'd consider not taking a transatlantic cruise because the Flowrider has a bump in the middle? This is your make-or-break?
  12. It’s clearly one of THESE! They just haven’t installed the other one yet.
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