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Not that it’s a big deal, but…

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3 hours ago, AdventureKenandCar said:

(My wife: “What are you going to do with that pin anyway?”

We put them on our pin board.  We're avid Disney Pin collectors and now have a subsection for "cruises of all types" and have some of the Disney ships we've sailed on.  Never thought about Royal pins until we received our Platinum and now Emerald pins.  We're excited to get our Diamond pins in early 2023.

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We had to ask on our last cruise. First as Diamond . She had a whole drawer full. Gave us all the pins to catch us up. Now hoping to get our first glass block on the Odyssey next spring. I am glad I talked my wife into a few extra cruises under the double points offer last year.

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I found an interesting use for one of my pins. As I was getting dressed for formal night or dress your best, I found that my nice collared shirt was missing a button. Looked bad, but I took my diamond pin and used it instead, it was actually a close match to the regular buttons,plus mostly covered by my tie.

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The pins are neat, but I don’t know that I’d wear one around the ship.  

Only my wife got a pin when we went from gold to platinum, then the cruise after that one, she had an emerald pin waiting for her when we got to our cabin…..but we were still platinum.  She got a kick out of that because I actually have one more cruise than she does…they matched her status to mine.  

Because of an apostrophe in our last name, my C&A stuff is a mess…..actually booking anything can be a mess.  On the app I show the correct number of points, but Royal ends up spelling my name differently and I end up as gold or pre gold.  Their system doesn’t recognize an apostrophe, so sometimes the first two letters have a space, sometimes they’re together, sometimes the first letter is considered my middle initial, and so on. 

We visit the C&A desk on each cruise to straighten things out but it invariably gets screwed up again   When we call C&A they tell us that my points are correct for my actual C&A number but a different number is assigned to the current booking   It’s kinda comical. 

We’ll hit Diamond after our October cruise.  As long as I get the four drinks daily, they can keep the pin. 

Its not just Royal though.   A lot of airlines have problems with the apostrophe too.  My passport and Trusted Traveler info has it but when booking flights it’s not recognized by most software used by airlines  


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