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  1. Never been in a suite, so not sure of the details. Here’s a video from Allure that may help you narrow it down on the lava a site i suspect it’s the Classy Mini https://www.lavazzausa.com/en/coffee-machines
  2. no need to worry about things. We cruise often during the season and hurricane season runs from June to November, so that’s the majority of the year. Of course, you should pay attention to the forecasts in the weeks before your cruise since, rarely, a hurricane could affect embarkation or debarkation of the ship. If you’re flying to the port,that could,be affected by the weather (much like any other time). Once the cruise starts you should be good to sail! if your worry is changing the ports while on the cruise, there’s literally nothing you can do about it and it could happen, also rarely, for reason other than a hurricane. my advice is to go with the flow and have a great time. I have family that got 2 days added to their cruise when a hurricane went through once and they enjoyed the extra days at no charge! (Once again this is a rare occurrence). here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center. Being that we also do a lot of Disney trips and were on property during Matthew, I follow along for informational purposes, even when we don’t have trips planned. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov
  3. When you made the purchase in the cruise planner you prepaid your gratuities for the drink package. When you get a drink they may hand you a receipt and you can choose to add an additional tip, but you are not obligated to do so. While we get the refreshment package, we do not tip on each drink, but since we tend to frequent the same locations you get to know the bartenders and at the end of the trip we may tip extra for great service. For me, it’s mostly the cafe promenade since I drink far too much coffee. also, note that gratuities for the cruise (~$14 a day per person?) are different than the tips on the drink package.
  4. First rule of casino gambling is to never leave the floor without cashing out. Don’t want to drop it someplace and then have someone else cash it for you.
  5. weve done several GTY cabins and have done the bar code trick. We’ve had the rooms change a time or two but it was weeks before the cruise. We love the GTY cabins and always book whichever cabin is cheapest. We mostly cruise in interior cabins and don’t really spend time in the room anyway.
  6. I would recommend that you bring one with you or rent a wheelchair before the cruise to use both on and off the ship. It will come in handy for those times when there is a lot of walking and having a push wheel chair available to you, will allow for full mobility throughout your travels. It could also help get you to locations faster, should a rain shower pop up. Good luck!
  7. I assume you’ve logged into the Royal Caribbean site with the same email address you used on the reservation. It should be pretty much immediate. I’d give Royal a call and check it to make sure it’s all set.
  8. If you have a travel agent, I’d have them reach out. Especially if it’s not time sensitive. Our TA has done some things for us when she was already contacting Royal, so it saves her time as well.
  9. Yesh, the gratuities are included in my numbers I forgot to list them basically it boils down to we could do a whole cruise for less than what only the hotel would cost us. I’ve done a few mock bookings and the the weekends were looking at still seem open, we will have our TA do it once we decide and in reality we will probably make that decision soon just to get it over with. thanks!
  10. I feel "seen" This just came across Twitter https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/06/06/ultimate-guide-last-minute-cruise-deals
  11. Question: In reality, what is the closest to a cruise you can really book? Are we talking a week? Two weeks? Reason: So with the hotel prices being what they are in the areas we were trying to look for a "long weekend" trip, it looks like it would be cheaper for us to: Drive from Kentucky to Port Canaveral Buy the Refreshment Package Take a 3 night cruise Drive home from Port Canaveral This is even after factoring in gas and parking at the port and possibly stopping in the Atlanta area to sleep for a few hours and then continuing on. We're stuck not leaving until at least 6:00 PM the night before the cruise due to work schedules, so it's drive through the night or sleep over about half way there. Obviously, the earlier we can leave the better, but we won't really know when we can leave until closer to the date and it's looking like it will be this cruise or stay home and chill. Why "force" in the cruise? if we are able to squeeze in a 3 night cruise this year, then we will reach diamond after our other two cruises we have booked, meaning that we probably wouldn't need to purchase a drink package on the cruise we will probably take early in 2023 with her parents, saving us at least $300. Thanks!
  12. Never cruised from Boston, but I do recommend the Courtyad Downtown/North Station (link below). If you’re staying in the North End (or anywhere :)) then I recommend the following which are all on Salem street and close to the hotel I recommend. Italian — Al Dente (http://www.aldenteboston.com) Bakery — Bova’s (http://bovabakeryboston.net) Sandwich — Pauli’s North End (https://paulisnorthend.com) hotel - https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/bosne-courtyard-boston-downtown-north-station/overview/ my wife and I were just Portland Maine and ended up driving to Boston to eat dinner at Al Dente since it was only about 92 miles from Kennebunkport which we were doing a side trip for
  13. Thanks! I had not noticed that on safety screen. I was seeing the station by looking under the "person icon" at the top where it give you your room number and date that check in opens.
  14. Has anyone been able to update their preferences online? When I use the address and login, I cannot find any place to make selections. It’s not a huge deal since we already have the refreshment package, but I’d at least like to see the list and make and pick something. Thanks!
  15. I just wish you knew where on the ship your muster station was before you boarded. Either in the app Orem on your printed set sail pass. I know we can see our stations in the app (B21 and B2 for our upcoming cruises) but it doesn’t say where they are located. Sure over time you may remember where they are on the ships, but for newer cruisers or your first time on the ship, you may not know. ideally I’d like to see something listed like (these locations may. It exist Muster Station: B21, Deck 3, Sabor Restaurant then at least you would have the name of where you need to be. I could totally see a new cruiser intending to do it and then getting distracted when they board. Maybe having a name to match the number could help.
  16. I'd highly recommend working with a good travel agent. They can make sure nothing gets missed in the process.
  17. We probably would have cashed out some, but at some ports like Barbados, St. Kits, and St. Lucia we had to take an excursion in order to get off the ship and see the islands. Since we had the FCC, we really didn't have to spend much additional money. We also learned during the "weird times" that from that point on, if we want to do something, we're just going to do it since you never know what could come up and alter your plans. We really enjoyed our excursions, we just normally wander the island on our own, so this was different. We also got to see many things that we never would have made it to on our own, so we've changed our stance on excursions for the future and may take an excursion or two when we travel to new places. We're not "beach people" so the ones we've looked at tend to be more history related.
  18. This is correct. We had a 10N Canadian cruise from Baltimore scheduled for May 2019 and was hit as part of the initial shutdown. We took the 125% FCC for BOTH the cruise and the cruise planner, when we thought we'd be back in a few months
  19. I highly recommend adding a credit card now to make things easier when you board and not require you to go by the desk on embarkation day. Once you are onboard, you can then totally swing by the desk and "pay your charges" so nothing really ever hits the card. I would not put a debit card on the account since there could be holds placed on your account until after your cruise is completed.
  20. I also wonder if some of the pricing is in relation to the number of people that have some onboard FCC from past cancellations. We had a 10 night cruise get cancelled in the first wave of things and had only purchased the Refreshment package for two people. When they offered the 125% we took it and ended up with a ton of onboard FCC that we ended up using much later when we visited places that required excursions to get off the ship. Normally we don't do excursions, but we were able to do an excursion at each port with very little additional expense.
  21. I think that’s the same thing with a lot of things. We have a local water park which is nice and a second one not too far away, so the one on island is not of any interest to us. However, we are considering dining at Izumi hibachi solely because our “good hibachi” at home has taken a nosedive. We don’t typically do speciality dining or excursions to save on cost but When we vacation, We tend to do things that we can’t do at home. I bet there are a lot of people who don’t have easy access to a water park and for them the price is “reasonable”.
  22. To be clear, I wasn’t taking shots at anyones belongs, just making a safety recommendation. I’ve been replacing that style of extension cord when I find them at my families houses and figured I would share the same recommendation to the OP. My brother in law is a fire fighter and each winter they get so many runs due to people using these cords and plugging in space heaters, Christmas trees, running them under carpets, etc.. if I offended @Walt Golasthen I apologize as that was certainly not my intent.
  23. Personally, I wouldn’t use the middle one ever. That style of cord is far too old and I’d be concerned that it isn’t 3 prong and the sheathing is probably not protective enough for todays appliances. If you need an extension cord to plug in an approved device, then Royal should be able to provide one for use.
  24. This seems like something that would best be answered by Royal directly. I would contact your travel agent or Royal Caribbean. They should be able to answer your question and make sure all sides have the relevant paperwork completed, if this is even allowed.
  25. You will want to complete the special needs form at the link below. They specifically ask about accessible excursions and can work with you to ensure you are able to enjoy all the activities. Good luck! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs
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