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  1. Ship could not make arrangements to see a proper orthopedic, so we are more or less stuck in the room.
  2. It's happen first day at the solarium bar area. My wife walked forward to take some pictures, over solarium. When stepping out on the balcony type overhang, it was about 4-6 inches below and not marked. She twisted her for and was seen by the medical staff onboard. The took 3 x-rays, showing a hairline fracture, arrangements have been made in San Juan by ships doctor to get hi- resolution x-ray and see a orthopedic doctor and radiologist.
  3. We was at the solarium, and she tripped on level difference between two area's We have decided to make the best of the situation. Thanks for caring.
  4. Wife is doing ok. We are still on the ship. We will try to enjoy as much of all things the Oasis have to offer. Ship offered a x-ray at San Juan for the final assessment. And we got the wheelchair to make things easy. Now we are going to the cc meet and mingle, after that I have gift exchange at Jazz on 4 at 11 am 50 people signed up.
  5. This is probably the last update. Just after the muster drill my wife fell badly. She was seen by the medical staff onboard and are now in a halfcast on her left leg, waiting to get a proper medical examination at the hospital in Puerto Rico. She got a wheelchair to use while onboard, no swimming, no walking. This vacation could have started better.
  6. After about two hours in the lounge, we made our way to gate 16 and the flight to Miami. The boarding began almost immediately. It took nearly only two minutes, and we were on board. Our seat 43H-K positioned on the right side just above the wing. The legroom was nothing to write home about. And I think the chairs were pretty hard. This flight was sold out to the last seat. Push-off right on time, and after a short taxi, we were in the air at 1.13 pm local time. As soon as we arrived at cruising altitude, the onboard meals service started. The first part of this is that you hand out menu
  7. The first part of this trip is to London from our home airport Arlanda. Arlanda is the largest airport in Sweden. The airport has three runways to compare to Heathrow that has a much larger volume of both ingoing and outgoing traffic. Flight leaves from terminal five and gate19. Terminal 5 is the main terminal for international flights; some flights also go from terminal two aswell. After we passed the airside security checkpoint, we headed straight for the gate. The flight is scheduled to leave at 07:55 local and boarding set to 07:15. Were are booked into the SAS Go class; this
  8. Everything I write here is from my perspective and may not match someone else's opinion. I want to use this time to say that English is not my primary language. This text is a product of nine years in the Swedish elementary school system in the seventies and the eighties. And we all know the seventies were the seventies. You might find some writing and grammar oversights. If the number of posts is dropping during the week, we likely have a lot of fun. I'll try to keep adding more and respond to all the questions you may hold. You lovely bunch, have likely already seen countless hou
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