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If you could put a new attraction on a ship what would it be.

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If I could put a new attraction on a ship my idea would be to have a glass bottom on an area of the ship so that you could see what's below you while you sail.


Imagine seeing the coral or fish and even a Turtle while you leave port and the ultimate could even be a Shark or Whale whilst out at sea. How cool would that be.


Anyone have their own idea for something fun on a ship ? .

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The glass bottom idea is pretty cool.  Not sure how it works with a ship that size and being able to sustain it or if guests ever get a chance to go that low.  But if they could make it happen, it would be neat.  Heck, how about an underwater cam that anyone can watch in their stateroom?

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A freaggin' shoe shine, darnit! They have formal nights, and offer dry-cleaning and tuxedo rental services. OF COURSE there should be a shoe shine service available!


Okay, it's not an "attraction," but still...


I LOVE the actual Broadway shows on-board. More of those!


Flash mobs? Where random people in Central Park break out into song and dance?


Hey, Matt--Quantum sailing in March...wanna do a flash mob?! Haha

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How about a revolving crows nest. Many tall buildings have revolving restaurants so why not on a ship. It would be pretty cool to sit and have a cold one and watch the scenery come full circle especially in somewhere like Alaska or the Fjords.

Perhaps NorthStar is an attempt to deliver something like that

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