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  1. I think that's the issue here. Matt is nice enough to allow unsolicited video link shares, and Chris doesn't take any time to contribute back with a response to a question or two. If you're going to benefit from the reach of Matt's site, do the right thing and give back a little bit to that site in some posts.
  2. Just curious if anyone has tried Dreamworks breakfast and if it's worth it? We are going on Allure soon and saw it was offered. Thank you!
  3. Just wondering how much cash you all typically bring on a cruise? Do you rely on using only cash you bring or do you use ATM on the ship or in port?
  4. We saw it and thought Chicago was a great show
  5. Can't say I'm surprised. With other cruise lines doing so, it makes sense RC is doing the same
  6. Oh and when you get to the windjammer on the first day, ask the chefmaker people about classes. I know they will cancel classes if there are not enough people
  7. I know that a lot of the chef makers classes include alcohol. I remember one class we took, we made mimosas
  8. My wife tries to get to the gym right when it opens because she says it is much easier to get done what she needs before it gets crowded
  9. Wow that does sound like a lot of fun. East Med seems more interesting to me than West Med
  10. I cant wait to hear it on the podcast
  11. A couple of weeks doing all the Med cruises sound perfect to me. East Med, West Med, Holy land
  12. How about a mini-water park? Instead of a neighborhood like Central Park, a lot of slides to enjoy?
  13. On our other cruises, we always go to the viking crown. Anyone been there on Freedom?
  14. I wont cruise during hurricane season because knowing my luck, I will end up going somewhere I do not want to go. I always have bad luck with weather so I like spring cruises.
  15. where the ship goes is what we usually look at first
  16. While you're hijacking... I agree, i feel like the treatment we get makes me feel special during the cruise. It's nice for companies to recognize their repeat customers
  17. Since I forgot to add my favorite, my favorite restaurant is Portofinos. On freedom it's been really really good
  18. I think if looks like they are wearing something nicer than what's found near the pool, it's good with me. There should be a difference in dress for the restaurants compared to the Windjammer or the pool bar. Nevermind the rules, I just feel like it's a courtesy to your cruise mates. Even when I see it happen, I don't let it ruin my meal. If nothing else, it gives our table something to discuss :P
  19. We're sailing on Freedom of the Seas next year and just curious where are some good places to relax and have a drink? Also, can anyone recommend any shows to see?
  20. My family always arrives by noon at the latest. We like to get checked in and get lunch
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