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(Insert word here) of the Seas

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I'm kinda bored so let's play a game

What do you think Royal could name their ships in the future?

Here's a bunch that I thought of maybe like;

Pleasure of the Seas

Joy of the Seas & Nirvana of the Seas (these two were already trademarked, so who knows)

Celebration of the Seas

Solace of the Seas (this one is a bit iffy)

Euphoria of the Seas (also trademarked already)

Maybe a new class? Excellence class and the namesake ship will be called Excellence of the Seas? 🤷‍♂️🤣

Maybe the second ship of the Icon-class will be called something like Celebrity of the Seas 😛🤣

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2 hours ago, CruiseMom82 said:

As a transplant to the South, here’s what I came up with just now: 

Blessing (your heart) of the Seas

Darling of the Seas

Belle of the Seas

Grace of the Seas

Swelter of the Seas

Grit(s) of the Seas


Kind of like the last two! 🙂




Peach Cobbler of the Seas

Fixin' To Get Ready of the Seas

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Sensation of the Seas

Ultimate Frontier of the Seas?

Prospect of the Seas?

Ecstasy of the Seas (not sure how Carnival would feel about that one though 🤣)

Elation of the Seas

Glory of the Seas


New Voyager class ships: 😛🤣

Pathfinder of the Seas

Pioneer of the Seas

Surveyor of the Seas


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46 minutes ago, FireFishII said:

Its royal so why not some royal names:

King of the Sea

Queen of the Sea

Prince of the Sea

Princess of the Sea - oh wait, has that one been taken?   LOL


Queen would make sense, but due to naming traditions and the way we address ships, I don't think calling a ship "King" would work, since we refer to ships as "her" or "she". (Royal Caribbean ones at least)

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