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  1. @SFaz - it looks like the mud slides are still affecting the cruise ships being able to dock or even tender at Skagway. Between that and the high winds/waves, RC may be playing the safety card and canceled the port. I hope you have a great vacation - no matter where you end up. Just say flexible and have another drink. LOL https://khns.org/more-ships-cancel-calls-to-skagway-and-one-visits-without-docking
  2. They may had to cancel the port. I am hearing/reading stories that Alaska is being slammed with storms. Not sure if the storm is near Skagway but that could be why they have canceled the port. https://news.yahoo.com/disaster-declared-alaska-intense-storm-180814887.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  3. I would think they would reimburse your credit card instead of OBC.
  4. Thanks for everyone's point of view on the 2 locations. It sounds like I could enjoy both since I am both a very active person but also love great views and history. I have been at Coco Cay and was able to get a cabana in the Beach club. My brother, husband, and I went on the sea do tour and had a blast. But then the entire family (6 of us) enjoyed sitting back in the afternoon, chilling out. I definitely want to try the water park if I go back with my kids and grandkids. It sounds like I would enjoy Labadee with its beautiful beaches and views. I would be unable to do the roller costar due to a vertigo thing but I would enjoy the zip line. Now I just need to find a time to book my next cruise.
  5. I see that most RC Caribbean cruises offer either Coco Cay or Labadee as a port. So, that got me wondering: which is better? Coco Cay or Labadee? Is it worth picking an itinerary based on one or the other or both? Many thanks in advance!
  6. While I have not tried scuba diving on a RC Shore excursion, I have learn from other cruise lines that it is not worth my time and headache of hauling my equipment around just for a dive or two. When I want to scuba dive, I will go to a place or live-a-board that specialize in scuba diving.
  7. If you can't find an umbrella, ask someone. I am sure they will find one for you.
  8. But my brother on a previous cruise loved the dolphin swim.
  9. For me, Nassau was added as a last minute due to a cancellation of another port (damn cartel). I got tired of waiting for RC to update the shore excursions. But even after they added the shore excursions, there was not much available that was not a beach or some resort. Why would I want to go to a resort when I have a ship resort. So, I made up my own shore excursion that had something for everyone in my party (a party of 6). Rum, chocolate, wine, zoo (Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre), and biking. I would not do Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre again. Very small. I did not like the rum. The chocolate only had tours at a set time and we missed our tour. So, the wine at Graycliff was the only thing worthwhile. Oh and the biking - SCARY with those roads and drivers. At the port, there are very pushy vendors but since we were forewarn, we stayed away from where they set up.
  10. @Pooch and @Southern Waters - my kids have taught me that I should down when I take a selfie. This way, when someone looks at your picture, they are not looking up your nose. LOL! But if you look at my picture, I went with my best quarter of my face.
  11. Any port the first time is a favorite - even with pushy people because I am not afraid to push right back. While Nassau did not have much appeal to me, I did discover Graycliff Hotel. The food and wine were fantastic! You can walk there in about 15 minutes. So, I guess I really don't have a least favorite port. I can always find something - even if I have to do a self tour.
  12. I really enjoyed my experience with the Chef's Table. I don't usually like white wine but I thought the pairings were good. I would definitely go again. And yes, that dessert was AMAZING!
  13. @Aron_Ross - sorry I never got back to you. The food was good. But I don't think it was anything special. My family had too many restaurants picked out so it made the Taste of Royal almost meaningless. If we were not doing any other specialty restaurant, then the Taste of Royal would have been a treat. Just my opinion.
  14. Definitely link your reservations ahead of time. This way, only 1 person needs to make the changes. If you don't want to like the reservations, then make sure you have everyone's reservation number (I think that is what I used) to change their dinner reservations for them. It is easier for 1 person to make the changes then 15 or 5.
  15. @Poochand @mathbees - always bring my 2 bottles of wine from home in my checked luggage. I usually put the wine bottles in thick socks and wrap clothing around it. I never had a problem with the wine bottle breaking. You can also purchase wine bottle protection bags (bubble wrap bags) on-line if you are worried about breakage. I also bring a cheap bottle opener. I have brought my wine to the MDR, paid the corkage fee and left the partial bottle behind. The waitstaff brought the bottle back out at the next dinner. As far as walking around and drinking wine = this is my go to... a plastic wine glass with a sippy lid. No breakage. No spillage. Safe for the pool deck.
  16. I had gotten the 3 night dining package for a family of 6. I selected the first night since I did not want to rush back from my port excursion. I also picked a later time since we normally eat late. But if you are an early dinner, pick an earlier slot. YES, you can change the restaurant and time once you are on-board. I was on board by 11 am and did not have trouble change the venue. (I had the time I had wanted). Just walk quickly to the first restaurant (like Chops) and they can make all the reservations for you at any restaurant and any day. Just walk up knowing what you want and have 2nd and 3rd choices ready. One more piece of advise, pay attention on when you will get back from shore excursions if you also have dinner plans. Leave yourself enough time to shower and change before your reservations. Enjoy!
  17. If the fish is fresh, it should NOT smell fishy. The white fishes have a lighter flavor but the tuna and salmon can have better flavor. (does that make sense?) Anyway, I like most fish but I usually steer away from Salmon because I had too much of it. I also love white fish (like cod and haddock) but hate tilapia. Shellfish like clams, oysters, and mussels have some of the strongest flavors and smells. Lobsters and shrimp can be on the light side. I NEVER eat seafood when I am in a landlock state unless it is a local catfish or trout. Being on a cruise ship is the best time to try new foods because you can order as many dishes as you like. Definitely hit the MDR on lobster tail night to give lobster a try. It is better to try it at the MDR for free than at a restaurant. Final piece of advice, don't go overboard when you do find something you like. Give your stomach a chance to get used to something it has not had. GREAT JOB in feeling confident to branch out and trying new foods. Enjoy your cruise.
  18. I remember using letters followed by numbers. And yes, my grandmother still had a party line. I remember picking up the phone and hearing voices. My grandmother told me to hang up. Then she explained that she had a party line. @Eyeonhevn- I was on a cruise back in June. I had purchased 1 package for 1 device, which I shared with my husband. My husband likes to play his games and troll Facebook and other sites. I just wanted to get on once or twice a day to check my emails and news. We were both able to use the single package without a problem. I think only once I had logged on and bumped my husband off. My advice, don't send the extra money if you only want to use the internet occasionally. But make sure you get the Surf + Stream. Much faster baud rates (Speed).
  19. I agree with @Blur about the wifi. We had only gotten 1 Voom Surf +Stream to be shared between my husband and I. We had 3 devices (2 phones and 1 computer). I did not miss the fact that I could not connect to wifi at anytime - I just had to coordinate with my hubby.
  20. I totally agree with Matt's The Key Full Review. I have only gone once on a RC cruise but I took Matt's suggestions on how to save money. I was able to get a 10:30 boarding time - that is for a balcony room!! The lines were not bad at all. I purchased a 5 meal dining package - which I used one as my Chop lunch on embarkation day. My husband purchased the VOOM internet, which I was able to use when he was not using it. Since I only wanted to check emails, this was perfect for me. We almost never ate in our room so the room service was never used. It was so easy to run out to grab a bit and bring it back to our room when we did eat in. We all had a small backpack (with our bathing suits in it) so it was easy to just carry it around. Having that bathing suit handy meant we could get into the pool early. Our 6 night Western Caribbean cruise never used tenders. Never had problems finding good seats at shows - and we arrived just as the shows were starting. Finally, debarkation day - since I don't usually eat breakfast, just grabbing a quick bite and walking off as self service - the breakfast would be a waste. Good luck with your planning and enjoy your cruise!
  21. Thanks for asking this question because I have not heard of it before. But if I were to guess, you go (or crawl) to 5 pubs/bars. At each bar, you are given 1 card. At the end of the bar/pub crawl (ah, I mean tour), everyone will compare their 'poker' hand. The best hand wins. My question is what do you win.
  22. I use the scopolamine patch behind the ears. However, I break the rules by cutting 1/4 off. I just make sure I wash my hands really well after handling the patch - to make sure i don't get any medication in my eyes. I have never had a problem with the patch and drinking but I am a light drinker. I have tried the wrist bands - they don't do anything for me. For 1 day trips (like plane rides), I use either bonine or dramamine - and plan on taking a 1 hour nap after taking them. One more piece of advice, start whatever you are taking prior to boarding the ship. Because once you start feeling seasick, it may be too late.
  23. Oh goodness - how can you go on a cruise and stick with your diet!!! Plus unlimited dining!! Good for you!
  24. My husband and I actually did that every 5 years - on our 5x anniversaries. I told my kids that if I don't take care of my husband and visa versa, than we may end up in a divorce. I believe that it is important to take care of your marriage first and kids seconds (within reason). For me, every 5 years is within reason. LOL! Fortunately, my in-laws were very understanding. I now am paying it forward with my own kids and grandkids.
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