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Prepaid Gratuities

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45 minutes ago, Blulady said:

My question:  I do not use the MDR.  Is a portion of my gratuities still going to them?  Or do they divide it amongst the people who actually 'serve' me?

The portion allocated to MDR includes servers that work in the other areas of the ship. You will often find your assigned MDR dinner wait staff working in the Windjammer or other food areas on the ship at times they aren't in the MDR.

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6 minutes ago, Fairlynew said:

Are gratuities also included in the dining package?   If not does specialty restaurant staff share in general pool of pre paid gratuities?

Yes, gratuities are included in the dining package. They track where you dine when you use the package and they can allocate the appropriate portion of the gratuities to the right area.

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5 hours ago, AmmieHI said:

I purchased the drink package and prepaid the gratuities. Since the drink package includes grayuities am I paying double?

No, the prepaid gratuities are for your stateroom attendant and your wait staff in the MDR.

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