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  1. The prepaid things has always seemed kinda dumb in my opinion. I have no problem with the cost and tipping but if it’s required and isn’t dependent on what you do for the day why isn’t it just rolled into your cost? Or at the very least why not just have it be one price instead of charging it daily. Always seemed like a trick almost
  2. Aboard oasis of the seas currently and in both coco cay and roatan we off boarded positive crew members. About 70 crew in roatan were sent to board serenade of the seas.
  3. Thanks! If I’m printing I’d like to have a copy for myself in case any port disembark rules change. Do you keep the results or just take a picture of them? I think I’ll just bring 2 copies in case.
  4. Just curious how I present this to royal Caribbean? Can I just bring a screenshot of negative results or do they need a paper copy to keep/verify somehow? I don’t have access to a printer so just wondering if a digital copy will do.
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