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Oasis Six - Naming Survey

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Crowd sourcing a name can backfire.

“Boaty McBoatface of the Seas”  anyone? 

I don’t see a disclaimer at the bottom where Royal Caribbean reserves the right to reject all suggestions. 

oops no spot to make suggestion, bummer

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Saw that it is a survey not allowing suggestions
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8 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

After Harmony and Symphony, I felt like Royal was going for a musical theme with the Oasis Class.  So Melody and Aria would fit nicely into this theme.

I like Concerto of the Seas. Or Sonata of the Seas. Those are my suggestions (that they didn't ask me for). 😛

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16 minutes ago, barjpoe said:

I think something that would be similar to Wonder would work.  You have Oasis & Allure not sure of the connection. Then Symphony & Harmony - connection music.

So Wonder & ?? - connection awe inspiring

If we're going with that, then Magfinificence... argh ... Magnificence would be a good bet

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I like Aria & Illumination for Oasis class names.

Euphoria, Nirvana, Utopia, Sanctuary are good names for another family of ships not yet in existence but they sound too relaxing for ships as jam packed as Oasis class.

Intrigue sounds like a good name for another Quantum class.

Vibrance and Melody for some reason strike me as good Radiance class names.


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