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You know you miss cruising when.......

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When you drive past the local Izumi on the way to work and think, “Nah, I’d rather swing by Giovanni’s Table for lunch today.”


Yes, there really is a sushi / hibachi place not 15 minutes from my house named Izumi, and I would drive past it every day on the way to work. Back when “driving to work” was actually still a thing.

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50 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

...when you unexpectedly  have to get a tree taken down, and that could be paid for with your canceled cruise refund, but you still decide to take the FCC and switch booking to another cruise. ?

NEVER shift cruise $$$ to less important things! ?

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2 hours ago, emfagan said:

I got teary eyed just seeing ships in port (Carnival ships in Galveston).  The bing-bong sound of announcements was an amazing sound!

When Explorer was in port a few months ago I dropped by the port.  My phone connected to the ship wifi automatically.  It brought a grin to my face...

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