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Drink Recommendations - ON A MISSION!!!

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2 hours ago, nanowerx said:

What are the frozen drink options like on the ship?

I love places like Wet Willies that have alcoholic 'slushies,' do RC ships offer drinks like that? I've been on previous cruises, but I pretty much just drank beer (and the occasional rum and coke), so I have no clue.

Ask any bartender at a bar that has the blenders what they can make.  It really depends on what cartons of the mix they have on hand.  The standards are usually there (pina colada, strawberry daquiri, miami vice, mudslides) but sometimes they have different mixes or can make other creations for you.  Frozen mojito is a tasty choice.

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6 minutes ago, Ndfan89 said:

I will be on the Allure on Sunday.  This sounds wonderful and what bar can I find this drink at when I arrive on Sunday!


Any drink that can make frozen drinks like the pool bars and some inside bars.  It's basically their sweet and sour mix with ice, blended with a a shot of Goose.

3 minutes ago, Ndfan89 said:

Sorry , I 

do not know what happened !

No worries, it happens.

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