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  1. Personally we loved the Bionic bar and it was our favorite place to get non frozen drinks. So we went several times a day. My favorite was the sex on the beach. Very good. Their cosmo is pretty good too. If only it could do frozen drinks then we would not have gone anywhere else. Happy Cruising
  2. Agree completely. Especially for frozen drinks the paper straws always break while using them. So I have bought a reusable silicone collapsable straw that I’m going to use instead.
  3. Hey all cruisers. I am finally doing another Royal cruise after 5 years and it appears that the drink menus have drastically changed and now there appears to only be a few drinks listed in them with only a couple of frozen drinks being listed. Now that the old menus are gone which had lots of different types of drinks shown with pictures as well, thought I would create a topic where everyone that has cruised recently can share their favorite frozen drinks for all of us frozen drink lovers to learn and discover new drinks. So recent Royal cruisers, what are some of your favorite frozen dr
  4. You only need to carry the cup with you if you want to use the freestyle machine for more soda choices as the bars will only have a couple of options. So if you just want a couple of choices for soda like coke and sprite then you can simply give your seapass card to the bar and get a drink. But if you would like one of the other options like Dr Pepper, flavored water, etc which are only found on the machine then you would need to use the cup. Happy Cruising
  5. The menus are available on the Royal App for many ships and I believe that Oasis is included. Happy Cruising
  6. It is great. It allows you to make a reservation for whatever time you want and you don’t have to them eat with other people. You can reserve a table for yourself at whatever time you want. Some people don’t even do reservations but we always do to avoid any long waits. It’s a great way to do the MDR. Happy Cruising
  7. I carry mine in my wallet in my bag with the rest of my cards. Since we always carry a bag around with the soda cup, games, etc we just keep ours in our bags.
  8. Does anyone know of this my menu ifs available on the Symphony as well? Thanks
  9. What type of dining do you have traditional or my time? My time no issues at all but I would recommend making reservations. If you have traditional then I’m not certain as I only do my time dining. Good luck.
  10. Interested in this too. Also if anyone knows if there is a vegetarian entree for dinner? Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know how you find out when they are offered on upcoming cruises? Or do you just have to wait and see if you are in the MDR in the right night? Thanks
  12. Yea this is normal. And actually if you go the homepage of the cruise planner website and scroll down to the bottom there is a small calendar and on here it will list the dining at the actual time. Not sure why it doesn’t appear the same way on the calendar section of the planner but it’s in there. Happy Cruising
  13. I would think that to look at things like that then it would need to be closer to the cruise as the activities and entertainment and such can change. Maybe the week of the cruise they might be on there. Happy Cruising
  14. I am very interested in this too as I will be traveling with a vegetarian. Based on what I have seen I think that the only places that have vegetarian food is perhaps the buffets. But hopefully someone can verify this. Thanks
  15. If that ship is supported with the app then you might be able to locate them on there. At least they show up on mine. Happy Cruising
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