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  1. I am cruising Symphony this Saturday with a stop at Coco Cay next Friday. I purchased the water park pass for myself (mid 20's) but not my mom as she has no interest in the slides. I'm wondering if the slides are something I will enjoy doing alone and what the wait times are like. I have until tomorrow to cancel the pass for a full refund if I don't think I'm going to use it. Any help and insight is greatly appreciated!
  2. I went ahead and made reservations for My Time Dining on my cruise when it became available. I picked 6pm some days and 7pm other days, but I notice now when I look at my calendar it shows My Time Dining as "TIME: at your leisure". Is this the norm? I figured it would show the actual times I picked when doing the checkout process.
  3. Right now for my Symphony Sailing in Dec. it's ~$11/day for VOOM and ~$14/day for VOOM+SURF.
  4. Thank you! I just checked and the escape room is now available under activities. I will book this today! Any recommendations on how many people you should have to do the room?
  5. Yes actually! When does that usually show on the cruise planner?
  6. Hey guys! This is my first post. I will be embarking on my first ever cruise this December on Symphony. I check the cruise planner almost every day to see if there are deals on drinks, wifi, etc. When I checked tonight I noticed that 5 shows opened up for booking under the entertainment tab (Hairspray, Flight, 1977, HiRO and a comedy show). I've booked our group in for 4 of those shows now but am just curious what else I should keep my eye out for? Can anyone let me know what shows or activities have NOT shown up yet? I wan't to know what to look for so I can be sure to book everything that's available before it gets filled up! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! TIA!
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