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  1. Thanks so much for that info Kristi! I can't wait to hear about your experience on Spectrum! We are going on a cruise in January with Princess from Singapore. RC wasn't available for the dates we needed otherwise that would of been a perfect chance to do book for July! I personally love aquariums but the kids and hubby no so much (they much prefer Harry Potter haha). I hope your cruise countdown goes fast! Thanks again 😁 - Danni
  2. Hi everyone, we went on our first cruise in April on Harmony (Eastern Caribbean) and absolutely fell in love with cruising! My husband will be turning 40 in July 2021 and we'd love to do another RCC. As we live in Western Australia, it is much cheaper for us to fly to Asia (we are a family of 4). I have been looking at cruises for July 2020 to get an idea of what's on offer and a Shanghai/Japan cruise on Spectrum of the Seas has us really excited. While looking at cruises in July 2020 I noticed all other cruises had specials (% of second guest and kids, onboard credit etc) but the Asia cruises had none. Has anyone come across specials/promotions on Asia cruises? I also heard things like the north star and ifly would have an additional fee. Is that correct? Would we have enough time to visit Universal Studios while ported in Osaka? And lastly, could anyone tell me when the July 2021 cruises are likely to be released? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!!
  3. Looking forward to following your trip! We are first time cruises sailing out on Harmony April 7, can't wait!!
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