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Public nudity is not permitted and guests must be appropriately attired (including while on stateroom balconies if visible to others onboard, on other vessels or ashore). Topless sunbathing may be permitted on some ships and on some itineraries, but only in designated areas


So the answer is a resounding "Maybe".  Like rjac said, despite the rules you can probably get away with it on your balcony if there are no designated areas.  If they are as keen at following up on complaints of nude sunbathers on balconies as they are at following up on complaints of smoking on balconies then you will probably be just fine.

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Freedom has a area where it is posted that topless sunbathing is allowed. This was right after she came back from Europe while sailing out Florida.


I didn't see similar sign on Indy.  

Generally the answer is going to be no.

35 minutes ago, rjac said:

If you have a balcony cabin, you can pretty much go topless or bottomless whenever the fancy hits you.  However, I just wouldn't recommend doing that on a day the ship is in a port.:1_grinning: 

On this trip in Antigua the new MSC Seaside was across the pier from us.  An older woman on the large side was on her balcony right across from us in plain view as she was people watching on the pier between us.  She was completely naked.  Some things can't be unseen. :13_upside_down:

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On 12/29/2017 at 1:45 PM, joost said:

o dear, besides a gofundme page for extra twangster cruise foto's we need to start one for him to go in therapy to unsee things to avoid cruise fears and we stop getting thoose good pictures :)

Reminds me of the time we walked on the nude side of Orient Beach (no, the Greeter wasn't there, unfortunately)...kept expecting to see the lovely sights, but it was anything butt that.  

Image result for i can't look

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@Shockey1655@Randy Randazza Adult ship! Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas November 6 through 13, 2020 from Port Canaveral. Clothing optional cruise. This is something that must be booked through a specific TA. A nice itinerary, 7 days I was like wow, and then WOW! Of course, it says adults only cruise just in case anyone was interested or wondering.  Much less luggage that's for sure, carry on only!!

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