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  1. i was on dek 6 aswel in room 6226 no issues with noice there
  2. frozen : 2 words in capitals LAVA FLOW :D
  3. Was lime with something else i cant remember was good
  4. Apple strudel beats Apple pie always :)
  5. I went to windjammer on lobster nicht since om alergic to alle seafood. Made a picture of my trio of cupcakes only And my towel animal
  6. Major crew drill today in Port muster station Changers and liveboat skills testing. Seems Both freedom and the Disney ship next door did some testing
  7. Forgot tot taken pictures of my french Union and garlic soups For desert i only need 1 picture cheesecake
  8. Im on freedom atm left Sunday's first 2 days where pretty Rocky Just left St kitts to head to st Maarten sea is calmish now
  9. they handed mine over at checking
  10. I did a few voom surf stream tests for you in Port and at sea @twangster Orlando server ping 228 down 3,74 MB up184 Miami. Server ping 213. Down 4.09 up 262 At sea Puarto plaza ping 236 down 3.99 Up 2.50
  11. We meet up later i Just had my first
  12. For Curaçao sea aquarium is ok. Of u are a beach person i can recommend porto Marie. (Beach pics) Grote(voted best caribbean beach a few times) and kleine knip. If you are looking die specific things i can probably give info on a few things Just pm me(cruising freedom march 3 so might be a while till my response). In 2006 i did a 6 month internschip on the island and been there 3-4 Times since the bocas are great first picture
  13. @LetsTryThisTech more rcb member on the cruise :) just 9 days left :)
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