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  1. Is it necessary to do the online check in? Can you just do all the check when you go to board?
  2. It just showed up today on cruise planner. It is a cruise day. I signed up so excited.
  3. That's the one I was looking at. I don't see the day the tasting will be offered. I don't want to register if it is offered during a port day but I would love to sign up if it offered on a cruising day.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if they have several times they do the wine tastings. I went to sign up for it but on the website they did not have any times listed. Can you find out the times ahead of time or is it better to sign up the day of? Thanks, Courtney
  5. Has anyone does the Jolly Pirate's tour in Aruba? If so did you like it?
  6. @tiny260 oh sweet! I really would love to check out the forts.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Ship leaves at 8:30pm.
  8. Nope I've been when cruises are in port and they are not that crowded.
  9. I know I keep looking back at the website hoping it will open up. Has anyone been to St. John's? Is it worth the ferry ride to get out there?
  10. @WAAAYTOOOSounds great. I'll look into those tonight. We are going on Freedom of the Seas and are leaving from San Juan. Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm going on my first cruise in May and my family has me looking into and booking excursions for us all. Our group will have 8 adults and a 12 month old. I have some ideas about what to do in St. Martin so far but I could us a little help with the other stops. In St. Thomas I was really looking into or at least thought that is looked fun for everyone Blackbeard's Castle or Coral World is there any other tours that would be fun to do? Or must sees. For Curacac Liqueur Factory Tour and the aquarium. Are they worth the visit? I also have seen som
  12. Excellent I was able to read some reviews sounds like it would work for everyone thank you.
  13. Would Bernard's tour be okay for a 12 month old? Is there anything else anyone else suggest to do on St. Martin. We will be going in March for our first cruise.
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