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  1. If three RC ships are scheduled in Cozumel on the same day, which pier will the third ship dock at?
  2. @Matt I have received an inappropriate email from this blog, including pictures I do not want to see. The email was sent from the email address of this blog. I would like to block and report. Thank you
  3. We are on a back to back cruise in September. We will be changing to a different cabin for the second cruise. Do luggage tags matter for this part? Also, will we check in on the app as usual for the second one, and select a time? What is the best time to select, as we will already be on the ship? Thank you
  4. When taking a back to back cruise: Can you leave your belongings in the room (if same room booked on both cruises, of course) when checking out of first cruise and checking in second cruise? And: what if different rooms are booked, what do you do with luggage?
  5. We have a cruise booked for later this year, leaving from the Galveston port. We will be arriving in Galveston the day before we sail. Does anyone have any hotel suggestions or advice for that area? Thank you!
  6. Anyone else going to be on Adventure December 1, 2021? Or April 29, 2022? Leaving from Galveston. The April 2022 cruise is 14 days! Repositioning cruise from Galveston to New York.
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