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  1. NS8VN

    Excursion timing

    You would be banking on there being zero delay in getting in to port (a 30 minute delay would delay the first excursion but probably not the second), zero delay in getting back from the Catamaran Sail, and that the Scuba Diving will meet at 11 and doesn't want to meet earlier and have the bus leave at 11 sharp. IMO that's a lot of possible delays for only a 30 minute window. Also to consider is whether you are going to want to go scuba diving after spending the morning sailing and where you are going to fit meals in. If it were me I wouldn't want to deal with all of that just to hit two excursions, but it is up to you if you feel the risk is low enough and reward high enough.
  2. NS8VN

    Royal Cancels Cruises

    I wonder if Penn State had another ship chartered and for some reason it became unavailable? That might explain the late change. Explain, not excuse. Ohio State does a cruise too, they have Independence chartered February 23-29, 2019, but they announce them around a year in advance. And people absolutely pay those prices, the Ohio State one is nearly sold out. We are considering taking one at some point, my wife is a rabid OSU fan. Weird, seemed Penn State were distancing themselves from the Paterno name. Guess enough time has passed, apparently.
  3. NS8VN

    Royal Cancels Cruises

    You know, across multiple websites I am well known for being an "apologist" for cruise lines or resorts when it comes to their changing itineraries or other such changed due to weather or mechanical problems, even drydock delays. Things happen and sometimes people get a bit too worked up over something out of everyone's control. Even with the recent Coco Cay to Miami change that was talked about I didn't think anyone was overreacting as it appears to be a problem of RCCL's own doing, but I was still trying to find some positive thing to say for the company. This is soooooo not that case. To cancel multiple cruises with only 8 months to go because someone else wanted the boats? Unbelievable. We book cruises well in advance to get the best rate, we book airfare sometimes 8-9 months in advance to get it squared way. This isn't a hurricane, this isn't a rudder breaking, this isn't some workers' strike somewhere that is affecting them, this is them choosing to tell hundreds of people to get off their boats so they can charter it out instead. Quite honestly this has soured my take on RCCL. Their response to @alamode123 will be on my mind after I take my first cruise with them in a few months (gee, hopefully they don't cancel it). I have really been hoping this could be a company I could plant my flag and show some loyalty to as we enter a phase of our lives where cruising regularly becomes an option. But is Royal going to be loyal to their own customers, or are they willing to stab them in the back for the right price? I hope for the best alamode123, keep us informed.
  4. Sounds like they are bringing in some of the really large items that will require the pier to dock and unload. Assuming they have to close it for a day to do so then it makes some sense that they are cancelling the smallest ship so as to affect the smallest number of passengers. Not that I wouldn't be as angry as anybody at this. However I will give them credit that they did this before the final payment date.
  5. First, welcome to the Royal Caribbean Blog forum! Unfortunately it's not an option at this point. To transfer a reservation to a TA it must be done within 60 days of booking, before the Final Payment Date, and also before it has been paid in full. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/direct-booking-transfer Enjoy your cruise!
  6. There is virtually zero cell phone coverage between cities in Alaska, it's all wide open wilderness.
  7. Doesn't matter, you can't transfer them. It has to be done within 60 days of booking and before the booking is paid in full (even if before the final payment date).
  8. The money going towards upgrades should not be negatively affecting the stock price unless they are taking on large amounts of debt to finance them and/or investors feel that the upgrades are losing propositions. I don't think either is the situation, I believe (without looking at their finances) they are paying for these upgrades mostly through money they have and I think these upgrades are positive improvements to investors. I think this is related to an overall market adjustment for cruise lines, as @twangster showed with CCL and NCL. Rather, I would say if someone were looking to invest in a cruise line RCCL might be one worth further study right now with the Perfect Day project looking to (theoretically) increase revenue over the next few years. Please keep in mind I am not at this time an investment advisor and am not offering investment advice. This is my standard CYA statement when I talk about money.
  9. Person was injured on the job and then later fired because the company claimed the injury prevented her from doing her job. I won't comment on the judgement amount, it will most likely come down upon appeal, but I wouldn't call this as frivolous as filing as suit against McD's for overcharging 30 cents on a burger.
  10. NS8VN

    What are advantages of being Platinum

    Because you like cruising with RCCL?
  11. NS8VN

    CocoCay pier tracker

    That jumped out at me. Having a dock versus tendering absolutely affects the vacation experience, otherwise they wouldn't be putting one in. It's one thing to have to delay opening the dock cough-again-cough but that line is just a flat out lie, and a completely unnecessary one to boot.
  12. NS8VN

    “Suite Lounge” ........

    So then the lounge has never been exclusive to only suite guests, and Pinnacle guests make up 10% or so of the people able to use the lounge? OP is quite welcome to correct me if I'm wrong, but the complaint seems to come down to just knowing that when you walk in to the lounge a small fraction of the people in there have not paid to be in a suite. Is there another way to interpret this?
  13. NS8VN

    “Suite Lounge” ........

    Just curious: On a ship like Harmony how many Pinnacle members are there on an average sailing, and how many suite guests are there? Before I ever try to form an opinion I want to know if OP is complaining about a few extra people in a pool of hundreds, or if this is an actual noticeable thing.
  14. Definitely contact RCCL about this as the US has a lot of laws regarding closed loop cruises and RCCL may or may not be able/willing to allow this. Please let us know what they tell you! I hope they are able to work it out for you.
  15. NS8VN

    I Give Up...

    Flip flops. Or thongs in some places outside the US.