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  1. If you are staying on-site at Disney you can even do the above but take Disney's Magic Express back to the airport. Just give them a flight number for a domestic flight leaving 3 hours after the time you want to arrive at the airport and you have a complementary bus ride to MCO.
  2. I only have a single reference point, but our pours were plenty generous on Indy this past November with the package. We would watch them mixing for someone without the package and then ours and didn't notice any difference. I don't think it really matters much to the bartender (they aren't buying the liquor after all) and although we usually tipped an extra dollar with each order I didn't notice bartenders who didn't know us going any lighter than the ones who knew us.
  3. Nope, you are not locked in to the higher price. You can cancel your current package and rebook it at the new price. Keep in mind that this will refund the original purchase on to the credit card it was ordered with and could take a couple days to process. RCCL is very good about these things, most all Cruise Planner purchases are fully refundable up to 3 days before your cruise. That's why the standard recommendation here is to purchase things right away to protect against price increases (when you book 18 months in advance like some of us, that is a real concern) and then keep an eye out for sales. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your cruise!
  4. NS8VN

    Bringing my own wine

    As all related posts have been removed, this post is no longer relevant.
  5. NS8VN

    Bringing my own wine

    Seriously? Corkage fee does not literally mean "fee for removing a cork", it's the fee restaurants charge for allowing you to bring your own wine in to their establishments. This is pretty standard, if you tried that argument in any restaurant on land they would have laughed you right out of the place.
  6. NS8VN

    Coco Cay Construction

    People have been able to book those things for quite a while. It is in no way indicative of RCCL's confidence in something being open, all they have to do is refund the money if things aren't open.
  7. NS8VN

    Contacting Customer Service

    Gotta say, I was definitely getting an "only getting one side of a very 2-sided story" vibe from the first post, and the tone of that reply sure solidified those thoughts. I doubt this is worth pursuing further, but I guess follow the advice above.
  8. NS8VN

    Coco Cay Construction

    There is always a chance of missing any stop on a cruise, with those stops being replaced with other stops or sea days. Weather is the most frequent reason for a missed stop and it is much more of an issue for tendered ports than ones with docks. Royal estimates that about 10% of stops to Coco Cay are cancelled currently, once the pier opens that number should drop to 1-2% (based on how often DCL has to skip Castaway Cay). TL;DR Yes, there is a small, but not insignificant chance you will miss Coco Cay. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Officially, yes. I have heard from some parents traveling with their children but not the child's other parent that they sometimes take proof that the other parent is aware of the trip/has no custody/deceased as border agents sometimes get suspicious. This has been much more an issue for Canadian land crossings (apparently taking your child to Canada is a popular way to get around custody requirements) but I do know people who insist on always having that information with them any time they leave the country with their child. Probably not a big deal on this itinerary (doubt many people attempt to flee the country via a Caribbean cruise), but if getting such documentation will be easy for her then it won't hurt to have it.
  10. NS8VN


    Where are you hearing so much about them? On this and a few other forums I have almost exclusively heard of complementary upgrades as a result of the original room being unavailable for one reason or another. (An aside, to upgrade a room means to get a better room. The cost, or lack of additional cost, is not a part of the definition.) I have heard of many people getting better rooms at really good rates, but very very few who have gotten randomly selected to be upgraded at no cost. Much like Disney World, it seems that things that used to be random bits of (as they are referred to there) "pixie dust" have become well known thanks to forums and social media. As such people started asking, and in more than a few cases demanding, these formerly nice bonuses bestowed by kind customer service individuals. So companies put a stop to it across the board. Given that instead they can sell the rooms for a premium, they probably wondered why they were giving them away in the first place.
  11. NS8VN

    Device Chargers Onboard

    I put the charger in my carry on for both air travel and boarding the ship. I have never had a problem, if a baggage screener doesn't know what a USB charger and cables look like then it must be their first day on the job. Waiting for a flight and first arriving in a stateroom are times where I want to top off the charge, so putting them in my checked bag is a no-go for me.
  12. NS8VN

    Device Chargers Onboard

    I probably have the same Anker as Steven, possibly internally identical as that DigiPower. Had zero questions coming on board two weeks ago and left it on our desk all week to no comments by the room steward. Only questions we got was someone we were sitting by at FLL who was charging her phone with her wall wart and hadn't seen a multiport charger before. With the few power outlets in a room these things are a great buy. What sold me on this specifically is that my HTC supports Quick Charge 3.0. I plug a nearly dead phone in to that port, take a shower, and come back to a 70% full battery.
  13. Kilo is the RCCL version of General Quarters. It's to get crew to emergency stations. Hopefully it is a drill, or that someone was just smoking in their room and set off their smoke detector. Stay safe, and keep us informed when you can. At least you get another story to share from your trip 😉
  14. Either a fire that is not an immediate risk to passenger safety at this time, or another fairly serious incident.
  15. As always, thanks for all of this!! I wonder if the timing of the trip is the cause for some of these observations. Bunch of extended families who have never been on cruises could account for the craziness of Windjammer because they don't know about other options and are oblivious to the proper protocol (plus my experience makes me think the big families on once-of-a-lifetime trips tend to be more "I spent all this money, I'm doing what I want" mindset). You aren't the only one mentioning buffet crowds. Same with lines at MTD, seems (from my prolific reading) a lot of new cruisers choose MTD but then still go to dinner at 6 every night. Also the number of kids makes me think a bunch of teens with VOOM clogging up the bandwidth. Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself as my embarkation date quickly approaches. Hope disembarkation goes smoothly, but if there is drama make sure to document it 😄