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  1. Your iWatch connects to the phone via Bluetooth, so yes it will work. I know some smartwatches connect through cellular or WiFi (I'm not overly familiar with most Apple products and am unsure of their capabilities) so you will have to make sure if your watch has any of those connection options they are disabled for the cruise.
  2. Absolutely 100% VOOM. 200 mb is not very much data and I doubt it would be as fast as VOOM. Can't speak for ATT but most phone companies allow you to call and text over WiFi so that you would be able to continue to use your phone fairly normally through VOOM. So for faster and unlimited data VOOM is the undisputed winner.
  3. Nope. Personal Hotspot creates a WiFi network that is routed through cellular data to access the internet. Since Voom is a WiFi network your phone can't connect to it while also creating another one.
  4. As they like to say on DCL, "Of course we show them opening night, we own them!". So DCL gets first-run Disney movies, which includes Marvel. They do midnight screenings on opening night and some people book their cruise just to attend that. So while you might find some first-run movie on a Royal ship, I guarantee you won't find any Disney property being first-run on a Royal ship. Bad for business.
  5. By the letter of the agreement with Royal you are not entitled to a refund, so your best bet would be to be very polite with whomever you speak to on the phone to increase your chances of being able to work something out. If you approach it with the attitude that they owe you a refund you will almost certainly find yourself out of luck, but if you approach it with "this happened and I am hoping we can figure something out" you might be able to come to an agreement with a sympathetic CSR. And please consider travel insurance in the future. Best wishes for your recovery.
  6. Did you seriously just retort by calling someone fat? Ha, I thought creating an account just to complain about a pound fifty was something, but you certainly have lowered that bar! Can't wait to see how you top yourself with your 3rd post.
  7. Welcome to the forum! Just remember there is no such thing as compliance certification, just because someone calls their product "cruise ship compliant" doesn't mean the person running security at the port agrees. Security personnel are not electricians, and neither are most people making YouTube videos about cruises. If they say it's not going on board then it's not. The USB hub will almost certainly be fine, it has no outlets. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Yeah, it's a good litmus test to see if the source you are reading/watching is good or just another "doesn't know [stuff]" wannabe influencer.
  9. You should have gotten a picture. We could have used it when someone asks if they are allowed and, tucked in the dozen "nope, not allowed" posts someone has to chime in that theirs wasn't confiscated that one time. It would be a great visual to post up in response. As far as finding your own: all items confiscated are tagged with the owner's info. Whether someone feels it is worth going through the pile to claim theirs is another story. I'm betting each cruise ends with piles of those either donated or junked.
  10. As they generate heat they are definitely at risk of confiscation even if not specifically verboten. With outlets at a premium as is, no reason to use one for something a spray can accomplish.
  11. There are various reasons that this probably is not something that would be happening, especially not at this time next year, but that gets in to a completely different discussion more suitable for other forums. Should such a thing happen however it is very likely that Royal would contact those affected with information on how it impacts them. This is similar to when a travel warning is issued and Royal passes this information along to passengers along with recommendations. Regardless, I wouldn't worry about it too much as far as cruising goes.
  12. It should be noted that the person who you heard that from is correct that Carnival doesn't allow packages to be used on the first night of a cruise out of Texas, but the reasoning is incorrect and probably came from Carnival's propaganda marketing department. They could offer it the same as Royal does, but would have to eat the taxes. Royal chooses to pay the taxes but limits the selection to decrease the cost, Carnival takes a different route.
  13. No. The port is controlled by CBP, not TSA. Pre-Check applies to TSA security screenings at airports before travel, customs is a separate screening done after international travel.
  14. OP joined, posted this the very same minute, and then immediately logged out and hasn't been on since. Odd behavior for a topic that generates such passion in people, don't you think? Perhaps a good idea to give this topic a rest until he returns. If you get what I'm saying 😎
  15. A lot of times you will get an international satellite feed for sports not on ESPN. The quality might not be full HD but you will likely have it. We watched part of the PAC-12 football championship in our room (wanted to see who the Big 10 would play in the Rose Bowl) and that was on Fox domestically.
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