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  1. Quick Question with Royal Up; if I go into look for cabins available for the cruise on my date and it no longer shows as available does I guess that means everything is sold out, therefore if all cabins are booked I should assume there are no cabins open for people who bid through royal up in order to upgrade. Is this correct in my thinking Thanks
  2. Hello, i am traveling on Liberty of the Seas and one of the stops is in Falmouth, we already have Cozumel and grand cayman planned but not seeing too many options for Falmouth. We are traveling with an infant along with a niece and nephew who are 12 and 15, we will also have my parents and brother. We would like to go to a beach as the I hear they are beautiful in Jamaica. Are there tour companies at the port, are there beaches we can go to and rent loungers from a restaraunt, I have heard that the beaches are full of vendors pestering you. Just want to feel safe with a baby and have a good time.
  3. I have a question on Royal Up, I have never been on a cruise before so I just got the email asking about bidding. Question I have is it only says a price per person. But is that a 1 time fee or is per day. It just ask for an amount per person but can't figure out if its on a per day basis. Thanks
  4. Great Bay right in town is easy to get to and has plenty of restaurants and shopping. My favorite beach on the island is Mullet Bay close to Maho, there is also a beach restaurant and bar right there and you can rent loungers and umbrellas. Another recommendation depending on how long you will be in port is to take a taxi to the ferry on the French side and take a 30 minute ferry to Anguilla, Shoal Bay and Shoal Bay east are some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. When I stay on St Maarten I typically spend a day in Anguilla, usually get a 10 am ferry and stay at Shoal Bay till about 3 and I’m back on the Dutch side by 5pm.
  5. I agree that some people go over board with the 2nd hand smoke issue. You are not going to die by spending an hour around someone who smokes a couple of cigarettes. All people can be offended by something, I wonder how many complaints there are of someone upset because a person got drunk and acted stupid while sitting at the MDR. Or intoxicated in one of the bars and dropped a drink on someone. People can complain about everything now a days but it’s not gonna kill them. If you don’t like the smell of smoke in a place where it’s allowed either just suck it up for the little time you will be there or just don’t go there. If it ever gets banned than smoker will have to suck it up also or not go where smoking is banned these are little things that don’t need to be blown out of proportion. I think casinos are somewhere than anyone should be allowed to smoke, if they are already allowing other vices such as gambling and alcohol what is wrong with cigarettes. But the great thing is everyone can have there own opinion and feel free to share their thoughts.
  6. 200 pounds seems rediculous for a weight limit, there are many men who reach 200 pounds very easily
  7. Thanks for the info in August my daughter will be 10 months when we cruise and we were trying to figure out if we needed to bring a car seat to get in a taxi in the Caribbean.
  8. Thank you very much for your replies and a thank you for the official document. this is a great help. Thanks
  9. Hello, we are going on our first cruise in August, it will be my parents, myself, my wife, my daughter, my brother, and my nice and nephew. My older brother passed away a couple of years ago and we are looking forward to bringing his kids with us on a first family vacation with all of us together. Their mother is not coming with us, So the questions is do we need to get some documents or written permission for them to travel with us to the carribean. Also they do not have passports so I know they can bring there birth certificate but they do not have a picture ID as they r 12 and 15. Any replies are greatly appreciated.
  10. I purchased for myself, at 49 bucks for August LOS trip. Plan to drin 15 beers and 5 crown and cokes every single day. Lol
  11. Thank You, Guess I'll have to start with some good ol Texas Made Shiner Bock
  12. Thanks for the replies, I'm more of a beer drinker but drink alot of beer when I'm on vacation and was ready to start drinking up as soon as I'm on the ship lol. Wonder what beers they will available once boarded.
  13. Hello, I was reading on Cruise Critic about the drinks packages on Carnival, something about due to Texas Law you cannot "give" away alchol therefore there is no drink package for Embarkation day. Is this an actual thing, if I buy a drink package for my upcoming RC cruise will alcohol be allowed through it on embarkation day. Thanks
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