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  1. Yes. We loved them on the Edge Brought 2 of them home.
  2. We are "scheduled" to be there the second day it is open. We already have a day pass to the CoCo Beach Club reserved. Keeping fingers crossed and
  3. We were on the Harmony last March. My adult daughters, son-in-law and grandkids, ages 10, 8 and 6 were able to climb the rock wall. The ship supplied special shoes for the climb.
  4. We were in a Grand Suite earlier this year on Harmony. Loved CK. Never ate in MDR and did not miss it. Had not had the best experience in MDR on recent cruises. We ate most meals there. Breakfast was very good and great to be away from the crazy busy Windjammer. Our grandkids, 6, 8 and 10, were able to get "kids type meals" on any night as special requests. They loved it there. Staff is excellent. We did eat at Sabor one night and were not impressed. Expensive and not the best service. We are now officially spoiled and have 2 other cruises booked in a suite.
  5. After seeing this topic, I went to our reservation on the Harmony for 1/26/2020. We have a beach bed at CocoCay booked at $299. It is now $199. I called Royal Caribbean and cancelled and rebooked. Even the agent on the phone was surprised how much less it was. Love this blog!
  6. I agree. We will be taking our silicone straws on our next cruise.
  7. You can use your Starbucks app if pre-loaded with money, but not stars.
  8. In the Grand Suite on the Harmony we were able to get a bottle (or more) of water any time the Suite Lounge was open. They did not limit us. The Suite Lounge is open at least 11-11. You could get a can of soda also. We would put extra in the refrigerator in the room.
  9. Will this be like the Barefoot Beach Club on Labadee?? Suites area?
  10. We had eaten at Sabor on the Navigaror (I think) Loved it. Ate dinner at the Sabor on the Harmony. We were not impressed. No atmospehere, service was not the best and food was so-so.
  11. The kids can order from the adult menu. Our 10 year old grandson did enjoy some of the adult menu items. We requested different meals for the grandkids that was not on either the adult or kids menu and they were able to get it for them (PB&J for the 6 year old). Coastal Kitchen is amazing service and the food is excellent.
  12. They gave our grandchild an extra sea pass card for their parents room which was right next door to us. She was not listed on the manifest in their room. We had the balcony wall opened between our rooms. They just made the sofa bed up with 3 pillows, etc. and at a 90 degree angle to the normal way they make up the sofa bed. All worked out great!
  13. I believe the GS room on the Anthem is the same size as the GS on Harmony. When we cruised on the Harmony recently, our daughter, son-in-law and 3 children (10, 8, 6) were in the room next to us. One of the grandchildren was officially in our room. They said they could not put a cot or rollaway in the GS room because of coast guard rules about room size and number of people. They did make up the sofa bed the other direction for all 3 of them and it worked out well. The one bathroom for the 5 of them was not a problem. The perks for a Grand Suite are awesome. We all loved the Coastal Kitc
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