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  1. Hi all! I will be do the cruise solo and it will be my first transatlantic. Thanks for the inforamtion on potential temps, definitely helps packing. I will also be working during the day. Should be interesting as we cross time zones. Will see what the internet is like. Hope to see everyone on board. Schooner, Pub, and Solarium are my favorite hangouts. Bart
  2. One of the mantras that Matt and others chant is "Use a good travel agent" I would like to explore this. Please post below answering these questions. Don't just name a travel agent, list the traits about that agent that you appreciate. What traits make up a good travel agent? Why did you choose the agent you chose? What are some warning signs to look for that indicate a "not good" travel agent? Other questions to ask?
  3. I didn't think the cruise lines accepted over-the-counter test. I thought they required proctored test which requires a prescription.
  4. Do they have a bar in Izumi or do they use the closest lounge? I know on Freedom they go next door to the Schooner Bar to get their drinks made and you could order any of the Izumi drinks from the Schooner Bar.
  5. I submitted my survey. Living in the Orlando area, it is pretty easy to get CVS testing. I don't envy others. Survey was pretty straight forward.
  6. I am bringing my 2 adult children on this cruise. We have never been on a big ship. It looks like there will be a ton to do and the holiday decorations will be a plus!
  7. We got on Mariner in Port Canaveral on September 3. Our arrival was scheduled at 2:00-3:00PM. We arrived a little before 2:00 and they had 3 group areas and thought this was just to allow people to walk through, but it really was for folks that were on time, and then for the early folks but there were no signs and you had to ask someone to find this out. All 3 queues were full. Once we found out which was the right queue for us, it went fairly quickly. We had to show covid test result and vaccination card and then we could go into the building to get in the queue for the health check, where we showed both of those again. Then security, then upstairs to checkin where we had to show documentation and then finally one more time with our documentation before getting on the ship. We had watched the Safety videos in line and so went straight to our assembly station to check in and finish the Safety procedure. Headed to our rooms and got our SeaPass that were just outside our room. Within about 30 minutes after we got out of our car, we had a drink in hand on the pool deck.
  8. I will be cruising solo on Freedom from 9/27 till 10/8. Happy to drink a toast to anyone
  9. We passed our tests as well. Easy drive over from Celebration. Hope to see you on board.
  10. Just booked, checked in and scheduled Covid antigen test. Excited to cruise!
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