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  1. We are sailing on Oasis on November 3, coming up! We found out two days ago that we won our Royal Up bid and we are now in a Sky Class Grand Suite!! (First time on Oasis and first time in a suite. So excited!) We currently have a boarding time of 11 AM, which we got around a month ago, well before getting the suite. We received a concierge email today that one of our Sky Class perks is getting on the ship up to an hour earlier than our scheduled boarding time, if the cruise terminal is open. I am skeptical we can get on the ship at 10… but if we can get more cruise time, I’d love it! Mimosas in the solarium at 10:30 sounds delightful So have you done this? Is 10 am too early to get on a ship? We also don’t want to be waiting at the terminal for an hour. FWIW this is the first Oasis sailing out of Miami since reopening (Oasis was previously sailing out of Bayonne) so they will not need to clear passengers off the ship or turn rooms around from a prior cruise.
  2. We are departing on Oasis on a 4-night cruise out of Miami in just SIX DAYS, and I am sooo excited! We found out today that we won our Royal Up bid and will be staying in a one-bedroom Grand Suite, so we get to go to Coastal Kitchen! We had originally booked 150 Central Park for our specialty dining night. But I read some reviews that CK is the best restaurant on board. And since we have such a short cruise, I want to get hopefully more than once to try out CK. So would you cancel 150CP to go to CK an extra night? Edited to add: this is our first time cruising on Oasis (or any Oasis class ship), first time in a suite, and first time doing any specialty dining.
  3. Y’all. I am sooo excited! We won our Royal Up bid, and we will be joining the suite life!! Coastal Kitchen, here we come!
  4. I got the same email! I hope it is a weird tech issue. I’ll have to take a closer look at it later.
  5. I am sailing on Oasis in November, yay! We have the drink package, and my husband is a big sake guy. And I’ve heard Izumi has some of the best drinks on the ship. But on our one prior cruise, on Navigator, we tried Izumi Sushi (for food, not drinks) and it was just… okay. (We’ve got an amazing Japanese izakaya restaurant local to us, so I think most restaurant Japanese food pales in comparison.) My question is this: can we make a reservation (or even try to do a walk-up) at Izumi Sushi for just drinks? Or is that frowned upon, since we will be taking up a reservation (and a table) that could be used by folks eating a meal there?
  6. Is everybody getting excited? 11 days out!! @Matt featured a listener review of the Oasis on the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast recently with some good info about the ship! The review has some info that won’t apply to our sailing, I.e., port info and excursions, but if you’re in Full Vacation Hype Mode like me, it’s fabulous.
  7. We are going to use these. We ordered a bunch extra, and I am going to do one in around a week or so (I was just in Chicago for work so I want to ensure my test will negative). I can post a review then.
  8. We will try to make the meet up at Schooner Bar. Thanks again for the heads up about the 11 am check in time! We are planning to arrive at the port between 10:30 and 10:45. We will be relying on Uber to get us from a VRBO in Hollywood Beach so we may be earlier than that, since we will budget in extra time to call an Uber. LOL it looks like we can do an mini-meet up when we are all at the port around 10:45!
  9. Wow, I just logged on and looked! $79 for the Beach Club is one of the lowest prices I’ve heard of. I watched a video tour from a few weeks ago and the folks were discussing that they bought their Beach Club access for $89 and it’s usually well over $100. That said, what’s up with the Thrill Waterpark price? I thought the typical going rate was around $59 pp, not $79.
  10. LOL Re first world problems. When we went to CocoCay in 2019, it was super easy to get on and off the ship and walk around the island since it’s just Royal Caribbean there. Probably worth it to walk around a little, check out the beach, and then if y’all want to hold off on doing a full visit until your future cruise, you can do that.
  11. I was surprised myself, a third itinerary change is unusual. See below for a screenshot.
  12. Did you all see the email this morning that our itinerary changed to Day 2 CocoCay and Day 4 Nassau? I’m thrilled with this change. CocoCay was definitely a highlight of our previous trip. It was really relaxing to hang out in the water on South Beach and I love the swim-up bar.
  13. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am glad that you are taking this cruise to honor her memory and I hope it is special for you. My husband and I will be on this cruise too, in an OV balcony, to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We are looking forward to it.
  14. Enjoying the trip report! I have a 4-day Oasis cruise leaving in early November and I am ready to go NOW, lol. If you run into any interesting/fun drinks, I’d love to see them! It’ll be our first time on the deluxe drink package, and I need to know what to try
  15. Thank you so much, Dimension!! I saw this post and called RC this morning, thinking we wouldn’t get anything back… and was shocked to find that the price has gone down so much that we got $240 back on our ocean view balcony. That’s our dinner at 150 Central Park and then some!
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