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  1. A lot of people walk up to Bars at the same time. It's up to the bartender who they want to serve first, and if they recognize you and/or know you might tip, they most likely will serve you first. In SpiralQueen's case, she merely pointed out that because she had tipped, while they were serving other people, they handed her waters knowing she would want them since they recognized her. That's not "jumping the que" per se......
  2. @Winterh8r I will be on that sailing! So sorry to hear about your husband, I know how bad back pain can be. I hope you get your situation sorted out; sorry you are going to miss this one.
  3. Les conditions de la récompense de crédit à bord de 100 $ stipulent que vous devez échanger la récompense dans un délai de 30 jours suivant une nouvelle réservation de croisière. Avez-vous réservé votre croisière de mai 2020 il y a 30 jours? C'est bon seulement directement avec Royal Caribbean. Il est dit dans les petits caractères "non disponible pour les réservations effectuées sur des sites de voyages en ligne". Je vérifierais quand même si vous avez réservé la croisière dans les 30 jours. Vous pouvez vérifier avec eux à [email protected]
  4. C'est par le biais de l'application My Vegas ( M Life Rewards ) où vous échangez les crédits et ils donneront les instructions sur la façon d'échanger directement avec RCL. Je suis sûr que si votre agent de voyage vous a donné votre numéro de réservation, vous n'aurez aucun problème
  5. Bonjour! vous devez faire face à RCL comme il est à travers leurs promotions "Casino Royale". J'espère que c'est logique, j'utilise un traducteur en ligne. Lol
  6. I would wonder this too, if they are more strict around the kids areas. Also would security be inclined to say anything at all, or only if someone complained? @twangster Have you seen security make anyone leave before? I don't plan on wearing a thong or anything, I'm just really curious. The only time I've ever seen security enforce swim suit rules is when one girl refused to wear one (top). I thought it was quite amusing to see her run around and have security chase her. My amusement ended when she attempted to go through the buffet line sans top. Security got her there! LOL
  7. I can imagine some people would "frown" upon this, but who would be the party "calling it out"? I can't imagine Royal would if they can hardly enforce their MDR dress code, LOL
  8. @CruiseGus There are no "Hardees" Chains here on the west coast, it's all Carl's Jr. ( They are all owned by CKE ) I'm sure the Midwest is slower to adapt than the West/East coast, but they are coming around! Are links allowed? (If not, sorry!) Here is a website reporting about Royal, https://vegnews.com/2019/8/royal-caribbean-cruises-adds-vegan-menu-fleet-wide and I found it interesting they said: this year, several major cruise companies have announced major vegan changes to their menus, including Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, which are currently in the process of adding 200 vegan dishes to all of their ships. I just think it's great that they are incorporating more choices. This Royal Alaskan cruise is my first "regular" cruise ( I have done 5 music cruises; 2 Carnival, 3 NCL ) and the last cruise, NCL had the same menu every night in the MDR for 5 days. It's a sad day when the only thing you look forward to is the veggie burger in the buffet LOL. Although there were other upcharge options, I wasn't very interested in that ship's ( NCL Pearl) specialty restaurants; Teppanyaki, French, or Italian (which didn't have all that rave of reviews so didn't sound like it was worth the upcharge to me) I'm excited to see if RCL's food fares better overall. The menu's seem to have better veggie options anyways.......I will report back if the Vegan choices are on the Ovation when I sail Sept. 13th
  9. I would LOVE to see this option also in a burger venue. As you mentioned, it is gaining in mainstream popularity that not only is BK introducing it as a Whopper ( even though BK has already had a veggie burger on their menu for years), Carl's Jr also has it, and Hardee's is putting it on their menu as well. The demand has been so high for it that they ran out of it and couldn't keep up with the orders. @CruiseGus The people that identify as 100% vegan might not be high percentage wise, but the way people eat is changing, and the demand for plant based choices is a market businesses aren't ignoring. Most all of the Restaurants (mainstream like chains as well) on the west coast almost always have vegan/vegetarian options. It's rare to find a restaurant that doesn't now.
  10. 25% of American's 25-34 years of age identify as vegan/vegetarian. Eating a predominately plant based lifestyle is the future.....Royal Caribbean is a business and they are looking beyond the boomer generation because, frankly, they are dying off. Why do you think their new ships look the way they do with I-fly, rock climbing walls, flowrider, sky pad, etc....they are trying to attract new generations of people and their kids. People who eat plant based or gluten free don't think they are "elite" or "special", it's the way they eat for health reasons. Some people eat this way for other reasons as well, but it's never to feel "elite or special', it's a belief reason. We should all be glad for more variety in food choices, shouldn't we?
  11. Kuka was gorgeous! She looked like such a sweet dog! I would have hugged her all the time! I love the animal pics you guys are posting; I love cats and dogs ( all animals really)! As far as them being on a cruise ship, as much as I love seeing them and petting them, it's not sanitary for them to be around food. It's fine for true service dogs, but it seems like people are abusing the rules as of late when it comes to airlines ( and I guess ships now!) I think with the recent attacks that have happened on planes.....companies will start cracking down and putting more rules into place before you are allowed to bring animals in. I also think for a lot of ports you wouldn't be able to bring them due to their rabies/quarantine rules. I have only seen a band have their 'service dog' (not a true service dog) on a cruise ship. She also had "accidents" crew had to clean up. She was great to see and pet, but a lot of times she seemed overwhelmed by the people and activities going on. Pretty sad really......
  12. Yes, I'm looking forward to using the app and hoping it works well! I have already planned the nights to do the specialty dining, and have one "flexible" night in case my friend has a specific time she likes to eat and they don't have a time she likes around the day I chose. Thanks so much for all the great info! I have done similar to you grabbing the snack plates before the scheduled dinner time (especially when there is a later time), on my other cruises. The other cruises I took had so many things bands/activites jam packed on them, I didn't eat as much as I probably will on this cruise haha.
  13. Thanks! I will be on the lookout, I'm sailing Ovation this Sept. Super excited, this is my first "normal" cruise, and my first one on RCCL!
  14. When you purchased the 3 night package, it had a button where you chose night one or night 2. The restaurant, and the other 2 nights, RCCL will automatically assign. You can change how RCCL assigns it when you first board the ship. You just go to one of the specialty dining restaurants and the hostess can assign the dates and restaurants that you choose. There might be a kiosk or another place you can do this on the ship, but it's my first time cruising RCCL, so I'm not familiar with where those might be on the Harmony.
  15. Yup, I got Basal Cell Carcinoma (so have my mom & dad). I grew up in SoCal, LOVED tanning. I've lived in the PNW for about 20 years now so I was pretty pasty most of the year, but I still got skin cancer a few years back. Now, no more tanning beds. I do the spray tanning before going to the tropics, wear SPF 50 or greater ( with reapplication) & a floppy hat. I still wind up getting a tan. But I won't even do a base tan anymore in a bed, because having your face dug into with a scalpel 3 times while they keep seeing if there is more cancer to get rid of was not worth how awesome you look brown or how convenient tanning is. Luckily, mine was not melanoma and I had an amazing surgeon and very determined eyebrows
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