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  1. I’m curious about this also. Im the killjoy who’s had 2 neck surgeries and a bad disk in my back. As much as I would love to go zip lining...that’s a big NO. Tubing sounds nice.
  2. I’m interested in this too. Family laughs because my excursion days are spent looking for vanilla, beans, and spices.
  3. It depends on which ship you are on. I have ordered the larger size and they only punched one spot. Make friends with the barista. I love the coffee cards, plus they can be used on your next cruise if you don’t use all your punches.
  4. We are going on Freedom at the end of September and will be in St Kitts and Barbados. We have been to ST Kitts and rode the train, so I'm looking for an all inclusive day resort there and one for Barbados. Does anyone have any suggestions? My husband isn't much of a "beach" person but he's ok with resorts. (freckle faced red head...LOL)
  5. It’s been a while since we have been to San Juan. Does anyone know if they are using the dock by Old San Juan or the one over by the industrial side! We are flying in for this cruise and I’m trying to look for a hotel for the Sunday we get back. Thanks!
  6. If you have any motorcycle experience there is a really good company that rents out the 3 wheel Spyders. We rented one for the day and toured the whole island. We went where we wanted and stopped over by the airport and ate lunch. They supply helmets also. We really enjoyed it and will probably do it again. We rented a Jeep in Georgetown, Grand Cayman for what an excursion for 1 would have cost. We drove around for hours....although they drive on the left side, but the Hubs just stayed with the flow of traffic. We are also on that September sailing on Freedom. I’m trying to find information on a big black Schooner in St Kitts we saw last time we were there.
  7. When we were in St Kitts about 2 years ago there was a big black Schooner that people could sail on as an excursion. I didn’t see it listed as a RCCL excursion. We will be going back in September on Freedom of the Seas and my husband has his heart set on going on this Schooner if possible. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. It seems to me if he had the flu...he needed to be quarantined......take it from someone who was exposed to the flu by a sick passenger . I was between jobs, so no insurance, I missed my first week of training because I was so ill. It also cost me over $300 in doctors bills. I didn’t blame RCCL for becoming ill, I blame the passenger who was contagious and spread it around.
  9. We will be going back to Georgetown on Liberty in October. We decided to rent a Jeep for the day and explore. Now previous trips there always ended up just walking around the port area, having a pizza lunch. I would really love to explore the island. Any suggestions? We aren't into stingrays or turtle farms. Also any recommendations for a good local place to stop for lunch? All suggestions appreciated.
  10. Just read this on Facebook.....so sad. The older I get, the less I'm inclined to do these excursions.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that they are combining excursions? On our November sailing on Navigator, the excursions at Labadee have a few combined. Flight Line and Wave Jet for $204....plus a few cheaper island excursions. Thoughts?
  12. We got that on our last cruise, but unfortunately it sold out so no upgrade call.
  13. Love this place! We've been there 3 times and never had a single complaint.
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