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  1. Thanks for this info, we have a similar situation... my son met a girl on our cruise and is thinking of taking her on the next cruise, in a year's time, but he's only known her a couple of weeks and it's a long distance relationship, so obvious risks in booking her on.
  2. If you people weren't so darn helpful, I'd stop bothering you! However, your help has been much appreciated, so here's another question for you... When the times of arrival and departure are noted on the itinerary, how long does it actually take to get off the ship and onto shore? Does it take longer if the ship can't dock and you have to be ferried ashore and if so how much longer? When returning to the ship, how long before the ship is due to leave must you arrive ready to get back on board? Thank you all for your help so far. It has been really enlightening. 😁
  3. What are the pros and cons of booking shore tours through RC or booking privately?
  4. In my experience with jelly fish, locally in Western Australia, they are there sometimes, in their thousands and at other times no where to be seen. I've been stung and I can tell you it's NOT NICE! Similar to being burnt. This is one thing I am worrying about for my upcoming vacation. I saw there is a product called Seasafe, a jelly fish repellent, but it has mixed reviews on it's effectiveness. I would be interested if anyone out there has tried it and can give a review? I've swam with rays at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia - (Man that is an amazing place! Like swimming in an aquarium and hardly any people to bother you : ). ) They have barbs, but I saw heaps as I snorkelled they did not bother me at all. I'd swim with a sting ray over a stinging jelly fish any day! I have nothing to add about Coco Cay. Never been anywhere even close to there.
  5. Although not on a cruise ship and not a terrible incident, your story reminded me of when I was at the casino, watching my husband play roulette. I was standing next to a woman and another man came up and stood on the other side of her. He started some chat up conversation with her and she was happily chatting back to him, so seeing he had a warm reception, he asked her if she's like a drink... "Oh yes, thank you... I'll have a Southern Comfort and CokeπŸ˜€" He bought the drink and carried on chatting as she sipped on it. "Are you here on your own?" He inquired, honing in on his target. "No, she casually replied. "I'm here with my boyfriend", pointing to a man playing roulette beside my husband πŸ˜‚. I thought to myself that the guy must be so annoyed he bought her the drink before he asked the question of if she was with anyone and a spirit drink at casino prices! Also I thought it was very wrong of her to accept the drink and not put him straight on her situation. In her defence however, he did offer the drink with no pre-stated expectations from either party. Getting back to your situation, it's always nice to be complimented. Three drinks isn't quite enough to start seeing someone ugly as handsome, so I think you can feel confident that she really thought you cute. ☺️
  6. Yes, I have come to that conclusion myself, thanks to all the input on the subject πŸ˜€.
  7. Looks like I got lucky... I'm not going on that ship .
  8. Hot tubs and children reminds me of when we stayed at a local resort once. I was in the hot tub and noticed a girl of about ten rearranging her one piece bathing suit and squirming about.. Not liking the look of it, I got out and went to the gym... a little while later my sons came in roaring with laughter, telling me how they were in the hot tub and another young man with them, saw something unusual... picked it up.... looked at it with confused curiosity 😐 , then squeezed it between his fingers, before then realising what it was. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what it was... My sons thought it was hilarious that they had watched and seen the expression of this boy had squashed a lump of poop between his fingers! I was just glad I got out of the hot tub when I did! Needless to say no one wanted to go in the hot tub after that ☣️, even though the cleaning staff were advised.... I'd rather deal with obnoxious drunks than a turd in the pool dun dun dun dun dun dunπŸ’© aaggghhhh! Shring, Shring, Shring!!!
  9. Must have been the guy in the next cabin to ChessE4 πŸ˜ƒ!
  10. I can't drink alcohol... if I drink even a little bit I get what I discovered are called "cocktail headaches".😑😧
  11. Once a drunk guy asked my husband if he would consider swapping me for a bottle of Guinness... happy to say my husband isn't big on Guinness πŸ˜‚! Thanks folks - one more subject I'm feeling better about. Happy drunks are not a problem.
  12. Wow, I bet they were annoyed! I just watched a video about a person demanding their cruise money back for being served burnt toastπŸ˜† I think having your prepaid drink supply withheld, or being banned from your cabin is more reason to complain! Of course they asked for it, by being drunk and disorderly.
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