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DBP prices are down again


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Just looked up CP prices for our 10/29 and 11/7 b2b, 

Coco Beach Club 10/30 94.99   11/7 159.00  We pd 79.00 in Nov

The Key                 10/30 23.99   11/7   27.99

Dasani water         10/30 11.00    11/7  15.00

These are prices one week apart, hopefully there will be better prices Black Friday, and we will keep checking anyway.

I also checked to re price, scary increases for both sailings, again, I will keep checking.  

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1 hour ago, PaulRC said:

Who closed the border the US of Can?


6 minutes ago, ehw51 said:


They were careful to phrase it as a joint decision.  



The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on March 18 that Canada and the United States have agreed to temporarily restrict all non-essential travel across the Canada-U.S. border, which will take effect at midnight tonight.

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23 minutes ago, Baked Alaska said:

Sorry, not meaning to hijack a thread hijack, but @twangster are you seeing ANY cp sales on the Quantum June 28th, 2021 sailing? I am showing ZERO cruise planner sales or price reductions. Actually, the Mount Robert Tramway price went up by $2.


It depends. 

The 5 Glacier Float Plane was $234 last year but went on sale last year for $217.  It's on sale right now for $224.  The Mendenhall Glacier helicopter is back to prior year prices while it's on sale right now.  The Mendenhall with dog sledding is still way up over last year while it's on sale and when it wasn't on sale last week it was way way higher compared to last year.  

Some increase over prior years can be attributed to inflation and excursions during a pandemic will cost operators more due to cleaning protocols and distancing requirements.   To this end I get that expecting prior year excursion prices is not entirely fair.

The Mt. Roberts tramway was always $35 direct or through the cruise line.  No direct booking now but I'm wondering how to do this in a bubble.  It's one thing to bubble ship guests on the ride up the tramway but once up top how do you keep everyone together?  It's never been a guided or escorted excursion so how does that work?

We are still mulling over what to do with this cruise.  Since losing ISP and with the new protocols in place we are thinking hard about doing or not doing Alaska with the excursion bubble in place.  Not being able to venture off and explore on those long days in port is a pretty significant in Alaska.  Two excursions per port booked through Royal is a lot of money.  

I'm going solo on Quantum in May and I'll stay on the ship in some ports simply because I want to save money for June excursions on Quantum.  That's going to be tough so I might just sit in my cabin and work from a cellular connection and take in Alaska from the North Star bar. 

Weird way to do Alaska but CV has caused a lot of weirdness in our lives.

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