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The Magic of Majesty. August 2019 and then again in October


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Fresh of the Empress with a night in a hotel in between I'm ready and pumped for my next cruise.

Did I mention...  IT'S CRUISE DAY!

I thought about starting this thread before my Empress cruise even left the dock (like some others around here do) but that just wouldn't be right.

This five night Majesty of Seas cruise was necessary.  I needed something to justify the airfare to Empress so this side-to-side was the perfect solution.


  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Nassau
  • Perfect Day at CocoCay
  • Sea Day
  • Key West
  • Ft. Lauderdale

I love Empress but this way I'm upgrading to a much larger ship!  Plus, I gotta get back to CocoCay.  :) 

I originally booked a number of Empress and Majesty sailings when the Cuba cancellations were forced upon the industry.  I feared Royal might move these ships out of the fleet.  My plan was to take lots of pictures and document this legacy class of ship that were the foundation of so much that became even much more on later ships.  It was because of the success of ships like this that Royal has become what it is today.   Success breeds success.  As it turns out they aren't moving these ships out to pasture just yet plus I get to sail on some of the best (small) ships in the fleet!  That's a win-win.

To be fair I split my time between Empress (3 bookings) and Majesty (3 bookings).  I already had some fall bookings that were bucket list type cruises so I had push some my Majesty cruises into October but that's okay, she'll be here waiting for me.

When you stay in a hotel and pay for things like meals and drinks you quickly appreciate the value that cruising represents.  Spoiler alert - the view out my hotel window never changed and I woke up right where I was the day before.  #boring

Cabin this time is an Ocean View on deck 4.  

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My day starts returning my rental car.  

I had chosen to drop off at the Hertz location closest to the port.  This is inside a hotel which took me a drive by and u-turn to figure out.  Apple Maps got me there I just didn't see the Hertz signs while driving and making a left turn while trying not to play bumper cars with other vehicles.


This location is very close to the port, basically on the other side of a stop light.  Hertz has a free shuttle that runs back and forth.  The people in the first photo were Majesty passengers who had debarked today.


All the major rental car companies were represented today.


Too early to go inside here at 9:26am but it was either sit in my hotel room or be an early bird.



Doors opened at 9:35am but we had a short wait at security while the check in counters got ready.

At 9:45am security done and first in the D+ line.  Picture taken, old style SeaPass cards with large C&A print provided at check in and upstairs in the D+ section by 9:50am.  I took advantage of the free terminal WiFi to squeeze in a last minute check on work before we boarded.

Around 10:45am the consecutive cruisers marched through followed by a call for Pinnacles and Suites then Diamond Plus and the succession of C&A levels. 


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At 1pm they announced our cabins were ready.

Ocean View 4564







Once we were at sea I opened the curtains to get a picture of the ocean view.  It's actually been quite some time since I've been in an ocean view cabin.  Plenty of interiors and balconies with a sprinkling of suites thrown in for good measure but it's been around 18 years since I've sailed in an ocean view cabin.


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Muster drill at 3:30pm.  

The bridge announced that anyone who had ever sailed before didn't need to attend muster.  Just kidding, they never say that.  It's required by international convention so what can you do but go with a smile on your face and participate as a means to let the cruise begin.

Sail away at 4pm.



Guests lined the popular spots but it wasn't too hard to find some railing space.



With that it was full on cruise mode.



A Diamond happy hour event is hosted in the forward half of the Viking Crown Lounge with great views forward.


An hour or so later I saw some ominous looking clouds heading our way and with that the salt was washed off the ship.  Such is a Florida afternoon in the summer.


This led soon after to a rainbow and sunnier skies.



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After a quick bite in the WJ for dinner I noticed a hint of sunset in the stormy clouds.



The aft of Majesty has a series of public decks at various levels.


You can see why this was a very popular class of ship in her day.






Maybe not a full sunset but quite dramatic tonight with the clouds.


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11 hours ago, twangster said:

Returning to my cabin I see that Fernando my cabin attendant had separated the beds per my earlier request.

It's amazing how much bigger and functional this makes the cabin feel.  It's also much easier to see out the window.

With the beds separated, it looks like that piece of furniture behind the left bed becomes more functional, but what is it? A desk or bookshelf? 

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10 hours ago, twangster said:

Yes, it is.  With that I've sailed every (current) class in the Royal fleet. 

Once we sail Empress next summer, we will have done the same.  Majesty was our first ship - sailed her in 1992, when she was brandy-new! 

Edited to add, now that I think about it, once we sail on Empress, we will have sailed every class of ship RCCL has ever had!  We also sailed Song of America back in 1997.  

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Day 2 - Nassau

Been there, done that and it's raining so I'm staying on the ship today.  Besides I'll be back twice in as many weeks.


Navigator joined us shortly after our arrival.


Galley Tour at 11:30am.  Despite it being in the middle of a port day there were a dozen or so participants. 

Here they are getting cheese plates and appetizers ready for dinner.  Formal night tonight.


Bacon.  Yum.


Beef Tenderloin and Duck getting readied for dinner.


Making whipped butter for dinner.


The bakery.  Always the best smelling spot in the galley.



Pastry chefs hard at work.


Chocolate covered strawberries anyone?


First noted on Empress so I inquired some more here on Majesty.  Powdered or "bulk" scrambled eggs are a thing of the past.  They were having trouble with the product turning black upon cooking so the fleet has standardized on fresh eggs being used for scrambled eggs, in fact for all egg purposes, only fresh eggs are used.

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