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The Magic of Majesty. August 2019 and then again in October

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4 minutes ago, CruisinUpinLife said:

Interesting...I wonder if they bring in more CBP to process people quicker?  How does disembarkation go?  Do you have to repeat the process or are the two situations-on ship vs disembarkation-very different?

Same CBP process occurs in Bar Harbor on some itineraries.  

Typically they have several CBP officers and multiple locations.  Other muster stations go to a different lounge.  Non-US citizens have a different location for processing that is typically more involved.  

I'm assuming it will be like Bar Harbor.

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You're amazing.. If I'm browsing through and see you've posted something it's a must view item..  Always positive.. Always beautiful pictures.. We're very fortunate you're a part of this group.  Thanks for your amazing talents and reviews. 

My first Royal cruise was on the Monarch,Majesty's sister ship,  for my honeymoon.. still love the old Viking Crown Lounge of the old style..  when everyone else would head for the Windjammer my wife and I headed there.  We sailed on the Majesty a year after honeymoon..  maybe the wife and I will again.

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5 hours ago, JLMoran said:

And now my daughter isn't the only one thinking about a DSLR at some point in the near-to-middling future

Check this link out: https://swappa.com/cameras. I've purchased a couple of smart phones for my wife and I. Very reputable website, great place to sell phones, cameras, etc. :27_sunglasses:

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On top of $212 in OBC for this being a cancelled Cuba cruise I discovered another $50 in OBC on my account that must be from my TA.  I'm actually having trouble spending it all.

On CocoCay I bought a shirt at a Royal Shop kiosk where they take SeaPass cards (the straw market is cash).  On CocoCay they don't apply the logo shop C&A discount plus since it is the Bahamas there is a 12% VAT on any purchase.  

Last night I ate more Ben & Jerry's and had an iced coffee to burn up some OBC.  

I asked at guest services and they tell me my non-refundable TA OBC should be consumed first and any of the refundable OBC left over should be applied to my credit card as a credit after the cruise.

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Day 4 continued...

Majesty has the old style TV's and map displays.  Our progress...


Getting my steps in before...


... heading up to the VCL for the Diamond event.


Like most Diamond events there are finger foods every night.


The bridge crew did their best to avoid the downpours as day turned into night.


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Day 5 - Key West

An early start to the day to watch as the Starship Majesty came in for a landing in Key West.  Just kidding, the channel markers strobe every few seconds so I did a 30 second exposure as we made our way through the channel.


Today we'll be at the NAS pier.




Looks like the Carnival Sensation snagged the better spot closer to Mallory Square.  


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I had a hot date this morning that was a not to be missed... with CBP.  

The Spectrum lounge was a staging area while we waited for our turn.  Muster station 9 was called first and eventually muster station 10 was called.  We were led in a procession out of the lounge, down the stairs, around the Centrum and down one more flight, back around the Centrum, through the Schooner Bar and into the theater where our cards were scanned and CBP officers were there to inspect our documents.   

With that complete I was cleared so my day could proceed. 

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54 minutes ago, twangster said:

Drat.  I knew this was going to happen.  It's after 5pm on my last night on board and I have yet to pack.  How could I let this happen?  


How many days till the next cruise? 7-14? Willing to bet it's less than a month 😂

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Viking Crown Lounge when it's not hosting the nightly Diamond event.







There is a bar but I've never seen it used.  When waiters are present they use the area behind this as a service bar for serving drinks during the Diamond event but also I saw them serving non-Diamonds in the aft section of the VCL (paid using a SeaPass card). 




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Lazy day in Key West.  When at the NAS pier there is a shuttle used to get "downtown".  I stayed on the ship like a few others did today.  It's my 3rd visit in a month so I decided to skip it this time.


Soon enough it was the Diamond event.  Service has been great, long before my drink is empty another one magically appears.


Sunset from the aft section of the VCL.


Maybe I've been at sea too long, I'm seeing faces in the sunsets now.


Or a Jack o' Lantern... 




In Boleros there was live music.


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Awesome review as always.  Even though I'm a bigger ship person, you've sold me on Majesty (mind you, Brilliance is on my bucket list someday). 

Is that Schooner Bar bigger and more spread out compared with other ships?  Looks really nice (with wonderful views).

Enjoy the rest of your cruise and safe travels home.

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A last breakfast with the WJ opening right at 6am on the final morning.



There is another forward section with additional food station that was closed on this morning.

Upstairs where there is more seating, the Compass Deli and Sorrento's.


Freestyle drink dispensers for those with a beverage package.


For a small ship Majesty has a lot of big ship features.


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