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  1. I would say we were there about 1 hour, but we weren't in a hurry so we sat a while and enjoyed our desert and had a cup of coffee.
  2. None of the ports on my cruise were tender, so my answer has to be yes they offer priority departure at all ports. We couldn't find the meeting area at the proper time so we did not use the port priority departure at all. Specifically the ship arrived in San Juan at 1:00 PM which created a much larger than normal peak of people trying to debark at the same time. We definitely tried to use the Key that day but Royal was not clear on where to meet and more importantly what time to meet so we missed on using the benefit.
  3. After 2 long years in dry dock, I just completed a cruise on Adventure of the Seas out of Port Everglades. I sailed with my wife (my much better half) and surprised her with the Key. I have read many reviews of the Key and I thought I would include my experience in the hope someone else might benefit. This was my first opportunity to purchase the Key. When Royal introduced the Key I was quite intrigued by the offering and thought it was something worth trying; especially at the sale price of $19.99 per person per day. My logic was similar to others, I had already committed to the lux
  4. Thanks again for taking the time out of your cruise/vacation to take us along. I always learn something new and truly enjoy following your blogs. This one definitely is an addition to the bucket list.
  5. That isn't quite true. They grandfathered existing bookings in if you prepaid your gratuities. If you waited until the cruise began and allowed the gratuities to be charged to your sea pass account your were charged the new rate. So if you wanted to use on-board credit to pay your gratuities you were charged the higher rate.
  6. As always @twangster thanks for taking the time out of your cruise to share it with us. Your pictures lived up to your reputation and I truly enjoyed your blog. Definitely a cruise to add to the bucket list.
  7. I use Google flights, if you log in you can enable the price tracker and you will get an email whenever prices change. I just booked a flight this week, Google caught a price decrease that only lasted for a few hours.
  8. Thanks again for taking the time out of your cruise/vacation to take us along. I always learn something new and truly enjoy following your blogs.
  9. Following along, always enjoy your blogs and pictures, they provide great ideas for future cruises.
  10. Thanks for taking the time from your vacation to share with us, glad you had an amazing time.
  11. I agree and follow this approach. The issue I have is what appears to be false advertising. I have been watching the VOOM pricing on a future cruise and it was priced at $15.99/day with no promotion attached. Then, after watching this for 2 months I logged on and VOOM was promoted as on sale for 20% off with the same price $15.99/day. Most likely VOOM was always discounted the 20% it was just not advertised but it could also be interpreted as Royal raised the price to promote a 20% discount at the same price.
  12. Amazing picture, your blogs always have something new to see or learn.
  13. Enjoy the cruise and happy belated anniversary, living vicariously through your adventure. This is definitely on the bucket list just don't know how soon.
  14. I will be following along, I have this same itinerary booked for next summer. You have some great excursions book, can't wait to hear about them. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. @twangster , thanks again for taking the time out of your vacation to share your experience and pictures with us. One of your earlier Alaskan blogs caused me to book an Alaskan cruise. This blog once again affirms that decision, making me happy I've booked the cruise but sad it's still 14 months away.
  16. Congratulations on your graduation. After you finish cruising the Caribbean what are your future plans?
  17. Yes, I have approached bartenders and asked to purchase the drink card? I was told they can't sell it before it's advertised and that even if they did it would not do me any good since again no bartender would honor it before it's advertised.
  18. I'm with you @WAAAYTOOO, I also want to make sure the people who most responsible for making my cruise so enjoyable get their tips. So I agree with you, I hand to them in person. I often wondered if they have to put these tips into the pool defeating my intentions.
  19. My wife and I visited Key West for a day last winter, although it was on a land vacation not a cruise. We toured both the Little White House and Hemingway's house. We enjoyed both tours but found the Little White House more interesting and organized than Hemingway's house. The Little White House is a guided tour with a maximum number of guests while Hemingway's house is either a guided tour or self-guided, your choice. We did the guided tour and the issue we had was the people who are self-guided wander in, out and through the guided tour. We often missed what the guide was saying and had
  20. I have flown into JFK internationally a number of times and have not had any issues. I live on long island, about 20 minutes from JFK, and on my last trip the time from gate to front door was just over an hour. It was also 5AM so there was zero traffic. On that trip I used Lyft, but normally I use a limo service which works equally well. JFK has 6 terminals and each one is different. If I researched it properly, Aer Lingus arrives at Terminal 5 and I have no experience with that terminal. I always land at terminal 4 (Delta) which is a very large terminal so there is a lot of walking and
  21. Following along. Can't wait to see your pictures. I have an Alaskan cruise booked for summer 2020. Thanks for taking the time from your vacation to share your experience.
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