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  1. Hey there, Wife, son and I are going on a cruise. My mother and mother in law are joining us but are gonna share their own stateroom. We wouldn't drink enough to benefit from drinks package but would take 1 or 2 bevys a day with dinner maybe 1 or 2 by the pool. How do people split the bill? I wouldn't like to be going to the bar with 3 stateroom cards... My wife and i Mother Mother in law's And charging individually to each account. Can you set up a purse account or something like that for this type of thing? Whilst also allowing each of us to make our own individual purchases? Many thanks
  2. That is great news. I may get on and get it booked. Love labadee
  3. Hello guys, Looking a bit of advice on age restrictions for the over water cabanas. My wife and I hired 1 for our honeymoon a few years ago. We are looking enough to be returning next year with our mother's and our son. We would like to treat our parents to this luxury day. My son will be 20 month old will he be allowed into the cabanas?
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Think I might hire a car for LBTS so I can stop off at a few places. But hear what you're saying about the mall. Many thanks
  5. Hey guys, How's it going? Don't normally post on boards but genuinely no idea on this. So my family and I are lucky to be doing b2b2b in April with changeover in Fort lauderdale. I would like to hire a car on 2 of the changeovers to go to lauderdale by the sea and saw grass mall. I believe I have to be back on ship for 3.30pm. What time can we get off and will we have enough time for these trips? Any recommendations for car rentals near the port? How often do shuttles run etc... Many thanks in advance
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