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Royal Caribbean first ever aircraft?

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Just hope it will be outsourced to another IT department, its one thing if  your application do not show you what your ordered  much different if your flight plans are deleted and to start your auto pilot they will need to clean the cache restart and enter it in incognito mode. 

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Maybe a joke but did see someone had the idea in mind, so been looking into it cuz ya never know❣️😂

We actually work with our stocks for a living, since Citrus greening went kerplunk back in 2007, really before Citrus was out before but Started doing stocks long term in 2007. No one would touch Apple back then & hadn’t even heard of Steve Jobs or Tim Cook‼️ so we figured we learn ourselves, Thank God! 

Did actually hear they were thinking about getting an airline the other day watching CNBC, but haven’t looked enough into it. Will be soon though & will let ya’ll know! 


✈️—> 🚢 == 📈💰⁉️ 🤔😂

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