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  1. Thanks, yep I’m overthinking!!! Wish the friend hadn’t mentioned how hot we’d be! Lol, but just trying to help. Thanks!! KimS
  2. Thanks to both! I’m so much more comfortable wearing my thin stretch jeans, but can put on a sundress, but the hubby-oh boy! He’s def a blue jean guy, unless by the pool! Thanks Rob&ana & Allen2!
  3. Whelp, I’m thinking probably my last question, hope it’s not too silly, but only got 2 more days So, I’m All packed & thinking during the day “when” not out by the pool, does it get pretty hot say in Central Park, etc..? I packed blue jeans & short sleeves, thinking with this huge ship —the decks near restaurants & shops wouldn’t be that bad? So, a friend who’s done so many of these, but not Symphony yet said jeans will be too hot for walking around within Central Park, etc... As always, lol.....would appreciate anyone’s opinion! Esp since on
  4. Now, that makes sense!! Everyone’s different & really does depend on if you’re really using their service to a higher degree. Feel like with the Anniversary decor already above, & will play it by ear with the concierges & maid attendant. Thanks 4 More Days!! KimS
  5. Thanks SO much, we’re clueless when it comes to tipping the concierge. Was thinking hand them each a $10, or $20 for one after I see them with the decorations being up??? Does that sound like a crazy amount in the beginning ? I really appreciated all the help Then tip the cleaning person maybe a few to $5 a day? Prob will ask the silly question on the board too! Editing! Lol, we are aware they all do get an automatic tip, that’s why I’m confused! Thanks again as always KimS
  6. Lol, boy I planned on that for sure!! PS.....Do you tip them each day? Or end of cruise?? We’ve been doing these land tours for so long it’s all changed!! Also, the officers reception they’re having, not sure whether the hubby should wear a jacket? I’ll prob wear a dress though. Thanjs KimS
  7. That’s a great idea’!! But I already emailed twice , lol.....about putting up the decorations & Coastal Kitchen reservations!
  8. I emailed the concierges & asked, knowing how extremely busy they would be, if there’s anyone who could put up the Anniversary package before We go into room. They were so nice & YES!! The decorations would be up before we walked into room. Of course will report if it all works out! But it does look like it’s pretty possible they will, if not......you can hopefully hide decor under bed & put up when your souse is asleep or when not in the room Good luck to you too & Happy Anniversary also!! KimS
  9. ThanksThat’s reassuring to know!, 7 more days now!
  10. After getting our email from the Concierges, I asked them, although knowing how busy the are, esp on the day of embarkation with the room attendant cleaning the rooms, if there was anyone who could put up Anniversary decor before we enter the room & got a yes This was a tiny part of their response, I am so happy!! Hope the hubby will be! Thank you for your email Ms. Kim Your suite will be decorated before you get to your room on Saturday. Best Regards Willie Salaya & Jackie Yabut Symphony of the Seas Suite Concierge Deck#55014 / 55015 | Email : [email protected]
  11. That looks SO nice! I’m ordering them now& will do what I can & pray!
  12. Alrighty!! I’m gonna just go for it!! Got 10 days to go, lol. Just got email from the 2 concierges & will ask them. Did you have to pay extra or ask anyone special to put them up? I already called the number they give for help! Hehe, Yeah, did think of finding the door would be easier
  13. Well PFT!! Lol.... Now, I really want them up!! I will ask the concierges we just got email today, if it’s possible someone else could put them up while cleaning, esp if you got yours!! Really wanna surprise the hubbyLol....Geese, I’d even pay extra He “says” He doesn’t even want people to know, but I have a feeling it would make it special for him?! Hmmmm.....
  14. It looks that way to me anyway, esp if you’re wanting to surprise someone for anniversary, birthday,etc.... But I do get it that there just isn’t enough time after passengers are getting off, while you’re getting on & they’re trying to get all the rooms clean by 1 pm. But did look nice, maybe can have them put up when we go to dinner that night! Just thought of that, lol.....guess I’m a stubborn one lol
  15. Thanks, that does make sense to me now when I think about it!
  16. I’d get there a lot earlier than it says, we went on an Alaska cruise & land tour 15 yrs ago & it was amazing!!! Enjoy I’d be there at least 2 hrs before boarding time.
  17. Thanks SO much Geese, I wasn’t thinking about the turn around break for them! I can sure understand them needing that break! Will do that when I hear from the concierge, ask if the room attendant could Please put it all up! Thanks KimS
  18. Ok, I know I asked before but keep thinking about our 40th leaving on 8/17/2019 So, I keep hearing that they “only” deliver the decorations instead of putting them up for ya. But, then I start thinking “ Wait!! We got a Suite & a Concierge!! , and thinking wouldn’t they put them up for me??” When they e-mail I will certainly ask & offer to pay bit more “if” they will put them up before we get to the cabin? So, I know I asked before, but...... Has anyone that had a suite had the concierge put them up maybe offer to pay a bit more for them to do that?? I’m
  19. Happy Happy Anniversary Following when I can, we go Aug 17th for our 40th anniversary! Was going to do decorations ahead, but since they just deliver, will skip & maybe take something along. Enjoy! KimS
  20. UGH….. Whelp, if they can't put up the decorations ahead of time, I'm probably not gonna bother…. but will check out @Annette.Jackson to see some ideas, but think I'll just keep things simple. Thanks for your input KimS
  21. UnReal! Geese, that must've been frustrating. Maybe I should call Guest services ahead of time? But I may just not bother it. You would think they'd know that you "obviously" want them put up ahead of time. Thanks SO much for your input. I sure will be re-thinking this whole decor idea! We're probably gonna be together since our 1st time on this boat, so will maybe just stick with taking a card. Sorry that happened to you. I actually went & talked to my spouse, cuz He had already said he didn't even want them to bring a cake to the table! Wants to keep it just low key. We just heard
  22. Need Help Fast! LOL, I know this has been discussed before, but not able to find "IF" the staff will put up our 40th decorations for me before we get onboard?? We leave August 17th, & I really want everything to already be set up before we get there. I did see a "Cruising" on with our 40th on Amazon… thought that was cool, but it was a note book!! May just take the cover off, cuz like that Saying. I sure appreciate ANY help on this! I "may" get those neat pillow cases I saw a few of ya had f
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