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  1. Simply put. Three S`s for your room location. Sleep - Shower - Sex and a couple of other words that don`t need to be published.
  2. Alaska cruises are not happening till July 1st at the earliest. So who knows what will happen. And now Florida is under a 30 day stay at home order. So much for those 2 Norwegian ships that can`t dock. Who knows how many more delays there will be. And the briefings are saying the next 2 weeks will be painful. Obviously they know a whole lot more than what they are divulging. Suspended till Sept. 1st. Makes one think what year.
  3. So for you it isn`t about washee washee. It is all about WALKIE WALKIE. Get well.
  4. Oh crap. I turn 70 in July. Another dam form to fill out. Just put it on the stack. We just moved and so many forms to fill out. I`ll just get an on line Dr. degree and sign the form. I will use the name Dr. WHO. Wise Health Official. No worse than some of the other fake news out there. I will have to work on sloppy penmanship to make it look official. Bon Voyage
  5. Had to cancel our August cruise due to moving. Booked 2 more to ease the pain. Be safe and : WASHEE WASHEE
  6. NOTHING AMERICAN about any cruise lines. Foreign ships, foreign workers. NO bailout seen for them. All those new ships in China sitting by the dock of the bay. No cure for the common cold or other diseases. But COVID 19. WOW look at all the hoops being jumped thru to cure this.
  7. This too shall pass. Way overblown. TOO much hype. Never any mention to the thousands that die each year from the flu. Or other diseases for that matter. Truly is amazing how all of the red tape is being overturned or bypassed.
  8. And now all cruises are cancelled.
  9. Just think about it. Take a cruise. Get Quarantined. Free food. A cot. And lots of card games. Be sure to pack cards. And once again the media is blowing this way out of proportion.
  10. Hopefully you got the insurance package. Personally We would go on the cruise. Have you paid in full yet. What kind of deposit did you put down. We cancelled our European cruise in August due to our house will be ready to move into. Otherwise we would still have gone. Lost our $ 200 deposit. Life goes on. Thousands of people die every year from the flu. No news stories about that tho ever. This is so blown out of proportion it is a joke. Check with your travel agent.
  11. Now`s the time to buy cruise line stocks as they have been taking a beating.
  12. Hurrah for travel agents. We had to cancel our August cruise in Europe. It was non refundable unfortunately. What softens the blow is we just moved to Florida and can book last minute and be at any port in 2 hours.
  13. A couple of IF`S. If it lays anchor on time. If their is no fog. Have had 2 no tender experiences. One was too windy. And the other was heavy fog. You just don`t know .
  14. WE loved our cruise from San Juan. Like any cruise ALWAYS arrive a day early. WE enjoyed the hotel and the dinner we had the night prior to departure.
  15. Now that we got our Diamond pins I wonder if Diamond`s International will buy the diamond. LOL HAHA And no way will we ever wear those or any future level pins. I call them pin heads in reference to pinnacle tags. And other terms not fit for print.
  16. Like they say the redder the better. Or better red than dead. We have never heard that term either.
  17. We have been lucky that our bags are in our room way before dinner. The room hair dryers are a travesty. Wife always packs hers. Their is no rhyme or reason as to when luggage will show up.
  18. Had to cancel our cruise their this summer. Booking one for next year. They have so many positives in the Scandinavian countries can`t wait to visit their. My grandparents are from Sweden and Norway.
  19. Good luck on it`s return. Getting it back are about as good as winning the lottery. Wife left a drawer full of clothes 2 years ago. Never got it back. That was with various phone calls and emails. Their is a form you have to fill out as well. Otherwise you are just getting lip service from customer NO service. Best of luck.
  20. The bus ride is long and it is extremely humid. Hope they like walking and climbing stairs.
  21. And a sunburn will be a sad way to spend the cruise. Or perhaps seeing yourself on you tube. Worse yet being arrested for indecent exposure in a foreign country.
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