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  1. thanks for the replies!! We will most likely just explore the port town in Cozumel and eat/shop around. Then head back to to the ship early afternoon and enjoy a quiet ship. if you have any other recommendations, let me know. thank you again!
  2. Sorry, explained the dinning incorrectly. We will only do My Time Dinning in the main dinning room. I meant traditional as in the dinning room option. One night I plan on a nice restaurant with the kids. I’ll have to tell the wife about Mayan ruins and long travel, with kids it’s probably not the best option. Appreciate all the feedback!!
  3. thanks KWong! Prefer not to bring the car seats due to large size and more luggage with travel from Seattle. I may switch to from the Renaissance to Springhill Suites which offers shuttle service from airport to hotel and port. The ferry is a concern between travel time and safety, I'll research the Tulum ruins since you mention its less travel time.
  4. Hello shipmates, I've been lurking around and i cant seem to get all the answers I need. Hope members can guide me on my decision on our first cruise. We will be sailing on Independence of the Sea (4 night) in March to Cozumel with Myself, Wife, 5 and 3 year old. Booked a Grand Suite for the family with balcony. Arrive Day Before: What's best transportation with young kids from airport to hotel? Hotel I am booking doesn't have transportation Day 1: Arrive at dock to board by 12pm -- Same issue with transportation? Day 2: On the water Day 3: Cozumel -- Shore excursion with 5 and 3 year old? Wife really wants to see the big Mayan ruins... is this safe and doable with the kids? Which Mayan ruin do you recommend? Even a half day and getting back to the ship earlier is a good idea from what I read, just need some activity with the kids at port. Day 4: On the water Day 5: back in FLL, we will stay one night or fly out in the afternoon. Transportation from port is issue again. I will most likely do regular dinning most of the trip with one night with My Time Dining and one night at the Hibachi for the Kids. We probably wont drink too much with the kids, so will pass on the drink package. I will probably purchase one device internet option for the cruise, its 30% off right now. Very interested in using the Kids Aquanauts Daycare Program so we can get some free time. We want to see the shows too! Please let me know of any recommendations on the ship or excursion with family. Appreciate everyone in advance!
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