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  1. Thank you everyone! We're going to stand our ground on departing San Juan woot woot, can't wait!
  2. We have booked for 1/10/2021 departing San Juan. There are others not yet booked that intend to join...However a few have expressed concern about departing out of Puerto Rico instead of a Florida port due to Puerto Rico still being in some disarray from hurricanes of the past 3 years. I don't want to have to start over if I don't need to but I'm feeling the pressure. Please share your thoughts on yay or nay with San Juan, especially during the month of January. Also the reason we chose San Juan was because we're going southern Caribbean and there was a savings on a 7 day depart PR as opposed t
  3. Thank you all for your posts...it has given me a great first impression of the forum
  4. Going on my first cruise in 18 years . We are booked for Jan 10 2021 to the Southern Caribbean aboard Freedom of the Seas. The boat departs out of San Juan and I'm nervous about the information I've read regarding Royal Caribbean and that particular port not doing business for now. Anyone know anything about that? My second question is on the cruise planner I can't view any packages...is it too early?
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