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  1. Was there any mention of addition of Solo cabins? Wasn't able to see any mention of them but maybe they're just announcing the major facility changes at this point?
  2. Promotions will always be changing and with that the nature of the offer and the price will change with it. If you browse the boards you'll see multiple threads for the drinks packages, watching and waiting for it at the right price. All sales end and the items will return to their RRP but the good thing is its never too long a wait till the next sale. Keep you're eye out and I would say that the BOGO dining option may return in time for your sailing
  3. My friends sister in law is a travel agent and I know shes done a couple when new ships have come over to the UK. Gets them on board so they can experience the ship and all it offers so they can go back to their clients with proper experiences. Not sure how often they do those kind of sailings after that though
  4. Doesn't just seem to be UK that the prices jumped either. I've been keeping an eye on a 2020 sailing from Barcelona and this morning when I looked at it again the price jumped up higher than I had seen it before. At the start of the week it had dropped to, can only assume that the announcement to move Indy out of the UK in 2020 has prompted the price jump. Either that or its very very coincidental The price for the sailings for Anthem for 2020 are just insane. I'd love to go back on but I just cant swing that amount. Big jump from when she was here last time
  5. Port days are a great time to experience the ship when its less crowded. Pools will certainly be opened along with the pool bars (weather permitting of course), other bars will be open as well but there may be a couple that will open later in the day. With regards to activities I'd recommend having a look at a old Cruise Compass for a similar sailing, take a look at one for a port day and you'll be able to see what sort of activities they'll have on over these days for you. Also as a side note, you might get lucky a score a bit of discount for the Spa or a Restaurant, the crew will sometime wander round offering a bit of discount if you come that day/night
  6. Over a £1.50 phone call where the money most likely went to British Telecom, not Royal Caribbean
  7. No, an 03 number is considered local, those numbers where created specifically to avoid the changes you incur from 084, 087, 09 and 118 number. Those 4 number have an "Access charge" so as soon as your call is answered you are instantly changed whatever amount the company as set up which cal be a lot. An example would be that the UKs directory enquiry is a 118 number and changes £4.99 access change and then £4.99 per minute so almost £10 just to find out the telephone number of a restaurant The 0344 493 4005 would just fall under whatever phone plan you have at home or on your mobile and how Local calls are managed by the plan. The only thing Royal could do differently is set up a freephone number which not a lot of companies do over here anymore. If you didn't want to call the number you can always request a call back from Royal, that way they call you and you don't have to worry about any call changes or waiting on hold. Ways and means around things if people want to look
  8. I sailed on Harmony out of Barcelona in October and I'll be on Allure out of Barcelona next October
  9. Comes down to your phone provider. Some will offer weekday/weekend local numbers for free depending on the plan you have with them The UK number begins 0344 which is classed as "Local" so would be inclusive of your free local calls. Outside of these times/allowances the call would be 13p a minute
  10. Another good reason to use a TA Let them fight with the system issues and talk with Royal on your behalf
  11. I didn't have an issue with the Wow Band, worked very well for us on Anthem though we did get it for free so that may have influenced my opinion Never heard that rule regarding taking them off in the water, we went in to the pool with them on most days. The plastic band didn't really bother me as I wear my fitbit and its band is plastic as well so I guess I'm used to that. If I had to point at a negative I would say that taking off the band for the drinks, but it was minor. I would rather do that then worry about my sea pass falling out of my shorts when at the pool I guess it does come down to peoples personal preference, for me the Wow band made my day that little bit easier and couple that with the fact I didn't have to pay for it made it a plus in my book
  12. Yea flights close to the time of cruise departure always make me nervous. My wife will tell you I am uber organised and will have things scheduled down to a tee. I'm not happy until my face is pressed up against the Cruise Terminal glass waiting for them to open, only then will I relax
  13. More like Pier Pressure 😁 ........ I'll see myself out
  14. Yea, I'll be honest it looks a good bit cheaper than the last ones. Looking the the images the plastic looks thinner. Yea not a fan, certainly no WOW to that change, even it if isn't RC making the change they are certainly a big enough client to push back on the vendor
  15. @princevaliantus - I think what they ment here is the first week of April 2019
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