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  1. Plot twist: OP left the ship with 120 pool towels
  2. Yea I noticed that too. Wasn't sure it that was just Indy, just UK cruises, or if its been rolled out across the fleet
  3. I know you certainly where able to bring your own skates and use them in the seaplex during roller skating times (One person on our cruise on Anthem did this and put us all to shame, flying round backwards while I was just trying to stay upright.) Whether or not you can still do this I'm not sure, I would doubt you'd be able to use the running track for skating but I'd say there's no harm in asking
  4. /\ This. One of the reasons I like the Wow band so much. I could leave everything in the room and not have to keep and eye on my bag or anything like that
  5. Wow, thats a big move. Didn't think they'd go back on that one but I guess from seeing some of the comments from people who felt cheated by the glitch maybe they saw this as an opportunity to gain some favour back. A big Cheers to everyone who manged to pick up the reduced rate, let the Lava Flows......flow
  6. All depends on the port/destination as to how long a walk you'd have. Some can have a 5-10 minute walk and you'd be right into the town, others can be a bit further out and you'd need to grab a taxi if you wanted to go to a particular nearby beach With regards to the stroller, we usually just bring one of those foldable umbrella strollers with us, can be stored easy in the stateroom and I always feel its better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it
  7. I believe Matt got his as part of a giveaway https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/06/07/fun-finds-royal-caribbean-monopoly-edition Haven't seen it on sale anywhere as yet
  8. Hmm, not a fan of that response. Yes its a benefit for suite guests for this sailing but when you compare it to sailings out of any other ports its actually a restriction and really should be getting flagged. People are not going to know this and will assume that access to facilities on board would be the same as if they sailed out of USA/UK/Europe which they may have done previously and would not be aware that the Asian sailing are fundamentally different in ways, not just with regards to the Solarium
  9. Not sure on that one, you'd be talking about replacing every stateroom lock with an RFID pad. If the can do that would be amazing as I really like the Wow Bands but I'd really hate to be the contractor who would say they could get that done in 68 days. You'd be talking doing about 36/37 rooms a day
  10. I'm really sorry things went south for you Before the website update the UK site was very difficult to navigate and understand, often timing out and losing the information that you had just entered on the form. If you ever do consider cruising again, and I hope you do, I cant say enough good things about a cruise holiday experience, I would certainly push for a TA who will fight all these battles for you with regards to bookings, glitches and anything else they can throw at them. Hope whatever you end up doing for your holiday turns out great but I do hope you give cruising another go some day, best of luck :)
  11. Myself and the wife always manage to get a game of golf in each day so we keep our series going (sometimes I "let her win" lol), every now and then you'd wander past and thre would be a couple of groups just about to start so you'd circle off to the bar, grab and drink and by then the groups would be half way round and you'd be able to jump on Queues at bars have never really bothered me, its a bar. The longest I've had to wait was maybe minutes at 270 on Anthem and this was because a show had just ended and a guy decided that he would yell at 1 of the 2 barstaff that there was no table service and he had to come up and carry his own drinks I'd never say I'd have to wait very long at all for a drink
  12. I used the Website for my first 2 cruises, on the first 1 had had no issues and everything went smoothly, on the second there were issue. Amount on invoices did match what they had on their system, I owed more than the statements they sent to me stated, transfers I'd booked apparently weren't book... bit of a nightmare. Since I've switched to using a TA (Mostly from being on here and reading peoples advice) its been smooth, well at least for me, maybe the TA is fighting off all these things that previously I had to but if they are they are doing it very well and keeping the stress of me and the family. Its certainly something I'd now recommend to others now as its no extra cost for you and makes things soo much easier. I really hope you get everything sorted as a cruise can be such a relaxing/fun/exciting way to holiday. Don't give up on it
  13. Best way to do it is if you don't already have the drinks packages, go on to the Cruise planner and grab it at the lowest price you see. After that, keep checking, if a better sale come along you can cancel you're previous purchase which will refund your money and you can repurchase at the lower sale price. Cruise planner sales happen all the time and sometimes without warning, they are also not always fleet wide and can be for certain sailings or sailings a certain amount of time out
  14. Hehe, love how that loophole is still open after all this time. But then I wonder if much work has been done on the RoyalIQ app or have IT been retasked with the new Royal App
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