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  1. Not even close šŸ˜œ But I'm playing the long game, you see I'm luring the Casino in to a false sense of security by deliberately losing and once I have them where I want them..... I'll strike! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it
  2. Hey guys, was thinking about this over the weekend and wanted to see what the consensus was on Dynamic Dining and its removal A quick summary for anyone who didn't experience Dynamic Dining... This was a new approach to the main dining on board and appears on the Quantum Class ships and Harmony of the Seas *Kinda* (Cant remember if Symphony was built this way too) The idea was that instead of 1 MDR the ship has 4 different Restaurants. All 4 had different styles and different menus and you would reserve or book a table for which ever one you fancied that night When we booked for Anthem back in 2015 the way it was explained to us was that it was like restaurants in your home town, there's the Chinese restaurant, the comfort food/diner, the more formal place and then the fancy food place. You cant make a book for whenever you like or you can just show up and maybe wait a little bit for a table. I had only been on 1 cruise before this so never got too used the MDR and the way it operated, this new dining process seemed to make sense to me and the wife and we really enjoyed it. We found it worked well, though we didn't really like the food in Chic so only ate in there once It seemed that Dynamic Dining got a lot of negative comments so Royal tried to make a hybrid of Dynamic Dining and the MDR experience with Dynamic Dining Classic which honestly when I read it I din't think was really going to work. Not long after Dynamic Dining was done away with, the 4 restaurants still exist obviously, but they not just serve the same menu and act as if they are the one MDR where your table and time are assigned to you for each night of the Cruise. For anyone else who experienced the Dynamic Dining, how did you find it and do you think Royal will try something like this again?
  3. I believe that Anthem is the only ship that does that. For some reason they are a little bit more awkward with the Wow Bands than the others
  4. Same, I'm on the 25th Oct 2020 sailing for Allure too. So what does this mean? Never been or seen a Presidents Day Cruise
  5. Thats a really good idea, like that Though I would say the Number 1 item lost on a ship is my Waist line :P
  6. Thats fantastic, well done man The does bring up a question or to though... How often would you switch ships normally? and when you get notified how long is it till you're transferred? I'm sure you make a lot of friends being in such a close knit community, hope you get a chance for a wee send off before you disappear
  7. I've booked a couple times though the site but have always gotten the offers advertised. Make sure you see that little orange square on the date you are booking and there isn't a promotional code that needs to be entered during booking You may also want to move this topic in to `General` so that more people see it, not sure if you can or it has to be done by a Mod
  8. Theres a series on Discovery (UK Discovery anyway) called Mega Cruise ships, its been really good, all different Cruise lines and itineraries As @Ray mentioned Cruising with Jane McDonald is good too and also covered River Cruises if you're interested in those too Last one I can think of is a series just called The Cruise which follows the life on board Majestic Princess. Think they've done 3 seasons of that across her different itineraries
  9. Fantastic, I love Indy, was on her last October and still a cracker. Earned a Sub from me
  10. Yikes, mob mentality in a confined space like a cruise ship? I'd be quiet scared by that
  11. Nope, can all be done with the app Though I do still like to have the paper ones in my carry on just in case my phone lets me down
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