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  1. Now, heres the question... Were any of them wearing flip flops/sandals with socks?
  2. I remember seeing them put out the bags on Independence a few years back going across the Bay of Biscay. It was a very rough crossing and the ship rocked a good bit. For me it was grand, it was late at night and I had (quite) a few drinks in me so was actually able to walk in a straight line :)
  3. Hmm, you may be right there. Just did a search though the App store on my iPhone too and can no longer find the Royal IQ app Might be a way of getting it on board, a QR code or something that will take you to the app, not sure though
  4. The page exists for the ship info, just not public at the moment https://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/our-ships/odyssey-of-the-seas/ Not an awful lot there but there she is
  5. Ooooooh, I will have to keep an eye on that one We're sailing out for Barca next year on Allure and depending on our flight times that sounds like an excellent idea. Don't happen to know if there's a limited number for that "excursion" by any chance?
  6. WHAT!? I cant bring my Illegal Drugs on board? What kind of world do we live in?
  7. On a hot day, or a cold day for that matter, treat yourself to a Lava flow. You can have them in many different flavours, my favourite is Mango
  8. So long as the bookings are also booking in your Maiden name you are all fine. If the bookings are in under your married name then you will need to provide a copy of your marriage licence to show the name change
  9. Same, the new ones look like they where designed on a very tight budget
  10. Would like to know if that's allowed too I was thinking of using a gorillapod and mounting on the gun. Yea it may slightly block the side sensors on the gun but I see that as a tactical advantage :)
  11. Hi Michael, Yes the Wow band is an added extra (I'm not aware of any C&A perk that would waive the cost), is it worth it will come down to your personal preferences The band is used the same as your Sea Pass card when you are on the ship, you can use it for purchases and opening your stateroom door (for purchases you may need to remove the band and hand it over to be read by the scanner). The band hold the same information as the Sea Pass card and is linked to you, so for open the stateroom door you can share it, for purchases, I'm afraid not, it would be the same as someone trying to purchase using your Sea Pass card, they're going to need you present to make sure Getting on and off the Ship you still need to have your Sea Pass card with you
  12. 😲 I've never even thought of that, that's brilliant
  13. Taking a screenshot is a great idea, remember being turned away at airport security because I had no signal and could not get the boarding pass to show up on my phone What a relaxing and stress free day that was :)
  14. My GoPro, love to get some good video and pics of the ship on day 1 when everyone is walking around with that look of wonder and excitement on their faces
  15. Plot twist: OP left the ship with 120 pool towels
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