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  1. Am I reading too much in to that statement or does that sound sinister to anyone else? If they knew about the camera, what? they would have chosen another window that a camera couldn't see?
  2. Would have to be a hell of a defect, he stuck his head though the opening a minute or so before holding the child up to it If his short term memory is that bad I wouldn't let him watch over my pen, never mind a kid
  3. Can only imagine what it would be like trying to get anywhere with 4 ships docked CHARRRGGGEEEEEE!!!
  4. Thats good to know. I have my band from Anthem and we are booked on Allure after her amplification (hoping she gets the wow band treatment like Oasis did)
  5. Nice, I love a good Tour video, have to say its one of my guilty pleasures to put on YouTube and watch someone walk around the ship Looking forward to it
  6. Wow, that late in the day? Guess they like to play everything close to the chest in case someone cancels on them
  7. I always take my GoPro with me as I think the quality of the videos are very high and the photos can be very good too. In saying that there are some downsides. First would be the low light. GoPro, much like many camera phones do not perform well in low light. Secondly is the microphone, the microphone on most GoPros I've had (I can't speak of the Hero 8 as I don't own one) are fair to poor. They pick up wind and when the camera is in its housing and connected to something like a grip it picks up every vibration. So when you move your grip on the pole that is picked up by the mic The sound issues can we mitigated by buying a 3rd party housing and mic but GoPro made that difficult in the last iterations of the camera by blocking external mics and creating a "solution" which was a $50 adaptor to allow them to work again With all that though I have worked these roadblocks by purchasing some good mounts and the like, I am completely indoctrinated in to GoPros eco system and would not be without mine
  8. So since I heard that our sailing has become this years Presidents Cruise I've been having a look at the previous ones to see what we could be in store for. Does anyone know when they normally start to announce the various Special Guests\Unique events\etc that could be on board?
  9. Ahh ok, so both those cabins are at the very front of the ship, in this case the obstruction would be the Bow that you would see from your window I believe the image below would be correct for those 2, if I got the floor correct You would certainly get a few of the Bow but might not be too bad. Hope that give you a bit more info to work with
  10. That was a good one to watch, not sure if it was the same or maybe a different episode but they did an "experiment" on board where the passengers chose the next port. Basically they gathered them all and the passengers up a coloured ball in a container that signified the next port, depending on the current location of the ship they had 2 or 3 to chose from. Was really good to watch as none of the crew knew where they would be going so once the votes where in then everyone had to scramble to make it happen, the kitchen more than most to try and get food in, and with the price people were paying the food had to top quality
  11. Wow! This really makes me want to do a Christmas Cruise Shame they don't do any over Christmas out of the UK 😞
  12. Have a wee look here, see if you can spot what you're looking for https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass?ship=283
  13. Smoking area is on the pool deck. Its on the port side up near the doors to the Solarium Shouldn't have anything to worry about with regards to smoke drifting to your balcony
  14. I just liked having the favourites page, I had 6 cruises in there that I could keep an eye on at a glance to see if the price was dropping
  15. I assume that the Perks you are referring to are ones that come as part of staying in the Central Park Balcony room rather than perks that would have offered as part of the booking in general. These Perks are associated with the room type, its to give a bit more of an intensive to purchase in "internal balcony" on the Oasis class of ships As you are no longer staying in this type of room these perks would then be given to the person(s) that would now be booked into the Central Park Balcony room you vacated.
  16. Theres a question actually now that I see you all suited and booted @CHRIS WONG Are they very strict with you and your uniform/dress code?
  17. yes they do Aww why did you have to tell me that. Well, I know what I'm about to start collecting
  18. Doesn't matter what sort of holiday I'm packing for I always walk out of the house without my Sunglasses, too stubborn to go back for something so minor when I realise, tell myself "You'll just have to deal with it", can't deal with it 2 days in, buy a new pair of Sunglasses. I have a drawer FULL of cheapy sunglasses
  19. @Nikkoo Sure thing, https://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/itinerary-details/?itin=07M461&ship=AL&sail=20201025 That's ours there out of Barcelona, now the price has gone up a bit but if you look at the sailing for the 18th its sitting at £635 at the moment, just without the Drinks Package I'm afraid
  20. I think I agree with you there, the booking we have for Allure next year when it first went up was around £1000 PP but I added it to my watch list and over the next few months saw the price fluctuate quite a bit. After about 4-5 months of the sailing being available it dropped to £625 PP with the drinks package included so at that point I went ahead and booked Guess in UK we have to be a bit more careful with bookings as we cant reprice without incurring a cancellation charge
  21. Cant say enough good things about Anthem, but some of the prices from sailing out of Southampton in 2021 are very high at the moment which is causing me to stall
  22. Alright I think thats enough hijacking of the thread, the topic was dropped so lets move on @CHRIS WONG what are you most looking forward to checking out on Oasis after her Amplification?
  23. Not even close 😜 But I'm playing the long game, you see I'm luring the Casino in to a false sense of security by deliberately losing and once I have them where I want them..... I'll strike! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it
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