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  1. Thanks for your advice much appreciated. We’ve just booked the Everglades and MIA drop off through RC
  2. Absolutely! We booked our 2 week anthem cruise for June 2020 in November 2018. It included the drinks package at the time of offer. Checked yesterday and it’s increased for the same deal by £600pp
  3. I hope you can help Myself and friend are sailing from Fort Lauderdale and looking to do a Everglades excursion the day of departure. We are flying from Miami so was wondering if there was any luggage storage at the port? Thanks in advance
  4. Don’t know how accurate this is but have been looking at the port listings for Gibraltar for some time. Originally pre Indy cancellation they had schedules for both Indy and Anthem in 2020. After the change of schedules with Indy the dates have now been removed. I then checked 2021 of correct it looks like we might get Indy, explorer and anthem in 2021 (although when on explorer recently it was mentioned that Indy would be posted for Caribbean cruises for the next 2 years)
  5. Currently on explorer of the seas and they’ve opened a gin bar in the tavern on Tuesday night!
  6. My mum has the same problem. She joined the c&a in 2017 although sailed on Indy in 2009. When checking her account she had 1 point instead of 1 point for each night. She waited to speak to a c&a rep wheh we sailed the next time who sorted it out for her and gave the correct points. It was due to a change in the way points were awarded now it’s points per night before a certain date it was points per cruise although can’t recall the date of change.
  7. Explorer has it also for my upcoming UK cruise in may and October
  8. Hi we’re cuttently sailing on Indy we thought Tim O’Connor would be cruise director, he’s even listed in day 1’s cruise compass. Although on our welcome aboard show we have Ken Jones..... never had him as CD before doing a pretty good job.
  9. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. We’ve sailed on Indy pre and post the dry dock in August and had a fab time :) regardless of what time we wanted a sun lounger we always found one. Does it seem or feel any busier than before the dry dock.... I didn’t notice any change personally and very much looking forward to long back on next Saturday
  10. Your better of booking when the free drink package offer is not on. I had a price for 2 weeks on explorer next September for £2,400 for 2 ppl. Within a day of the prom changing to free drinks the price for the same room went up to £3,800. Your better off booking when they have free wifi, parking or gratuities and buying He drinks package seperate.
  11. I’m reallt surprised that they didn’t have any GF or sugar free desserts. We recently sailed on Indy and in all restaurants we had the option of either GF or sugar free deserts. As I have coeliac I would say that I had more choice of GF desserts in the windjammer than the main dinning room. But the head waiter and waiters did their best to accommodate my needs.
  12. We’re going on Indy for the 5th time in the space of 18 months and every time I can’t recall any chavs being on board the people I’ve meet/spoken to have been pleasant and friendly. I’d much rather be on holiday with people that believe their better than everyone else and look down at people
  13. We’ve sailed through th bay of Biscay numerous times although it can be choppy I don’t think it’s as bad as what it’s made out. I also like the fact you have 2.5 days at sea (14 night cruise) to enjoy what the ship has to offer and relax before you dock.
  14. Seen on another site that Indy is now available to use the Royal App. I downloaded and checked for my Indy cruise October 20th and it’s working..... happy days 😊
  15. Currently on Indy and they freestyle machines on the promenade and windjammer.
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