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  1. I think you are right on & Anything sailing even a day before or after will be tough booking😎
  2. Hi, you seem to have a good handle on the workings of RC, I hope you’re on the money for this almost fully booked sailing😀 I will keep checking for the next few months but this time it looks like they just raised the price just to give the appearance of a larger % discount down the road.
  3. The only thing with the pricing on the beverage package for this voyage is that the ship appears to be sold out and doesn't even appear on any site as available so I think the likelihood of any further discounts is slim 😟  

  4. It appears the deluxe beverage price on Harmony of the seas has increased to $59 + tips - Got any info?
  5. That's just the way cruise lines work -but I think they could develop a better plan.
  6. I agree but still if fewer people book very early then RC might orrer a better deal, might even cancel my deal and others who also booked just to see what happens.
  7. I agree for now But won't give up, we've got a long way til next May😎
  8. JSB

    Hi Matt - I can't find anything close to $42 for next May's weekender.

  9. Hi Matt, I looked for any new deluxe.bp but didn’t see any for the Harmony, Also I wonder if too many people purchase a early pkg does this reduce the likelihood of RC offering a better deal.. Thanks
  10. Recently purchased a deluxe beverage package for a week end next May & gotta 10% discount but had to add tips as a extra, that said does anyone have any knowledge about a 20/30% discount as the date gets closer. Some have said RC does occasionally offer higher discounts, Just seems a little pricy for a weekender @ almost $400 - Thanks for any advice
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